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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Duta - Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE) Run

EVENT: Christmas Day LSD Run
VENUE: Duta - Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE)
RUNNERS: Along, Angah and Alang

AS preparation for the Great Eastern 30KM Run, the Sanusi siblings went for a Long Slow Distance (LSD) run on the Duke road on the 25th of December 2008. It is also fondly named the Heart Palpitation Distance (HPD) Run as Angah felt the lack of long distance running sessions made her heartbeat palpilate several times.

So we decided to run on the Duke road which was still closed to traffic. We met at mak's house about 6.45am and started our run at 7am. The initial intention was to run from the Setiawangsa junction all the way to Sentul, but we later unanimously decided to check out at Setapak due to lack of energy!

From mak's house, we ran towards Taman Sri Rampai and then Setiawangsa. By then we had already ran about 4km. We then turn right into the Duke road. Several cyclists that looked like triathletes (or wannabes) passed us during the run, smiling and nodding their heads.

We stopped at the Ayer Panas Toll Plaza for the picture session before continuing our run. By the time we reached the Setapak junction, the heat was beginning to take its toll on us, so we decided against going all the way to Sentul.

Later we stopped at one of the petrol stations at Jalan Genting Klang to buy refreshments before ending our tiring run at mak's place. The distance we covered is about 15km or slightly more. Good workout, especially for Angah's palpitation-prone heart.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malakoff 12km 2008

Venue : Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI
Date : 21/12/2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chin Woo Biathlon 2008

Date: 14-12-2008
Venue: Chin Woo Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
Participants: Fairul, Shahrizal
Supporter: Along

(Shahrizal version)

PROUD but embarrassed. Proud because I finally convinced myself to enter a biathlon event (swim and run), but embarrassed because I only covered half the swimming distance.

Together with my brother in law Fairul, we faced the challenge of the Chin Woo Biathlon 2008 at the Chin Woo Swimming Pool, last Sunday.We had to swim 800 meters and run seven kilometers.

Actually my participation was a last minute decision, both by the organisers and myself. I was only informed about my slot in the veterans category on Saturday night. My sister, Suriati submitted my name last month, but was told then that I was on standby.

I assumed it would stay that way until I received a call from a Chin Woo official by the name of Lester, saying that the organisers would give a slot to me if I want to participate. I didn’t give an answer straight away, instead I told him I’ll try to make it. Together with Along, I would have attended the event anyway to support Fairul.

On the morning of the event, I decided to bring along the attire for the swim and run, but still haven’t decide whether to take part or not.
After parking the car in front of the Chin Woo Stadium, me, Along and Fairul went to the registration center near the swimming pool. Only then and there I told myself: “Just do it la, Shah. Give it a try. Gung-ho!” I paid RM40 and was given the bib and t-shirt. The number 373 was later written on my arms and legs.

The competitors were released in batches (or waves as they call it). Swimming is the first discipline. I was worried because I had not been swimming seriously since 1980. My one and only swimming session with Fairul was five days before the event, and even then I did just a few laps.

Once the swim event started, I was clearly destined not to finish it. My lungs feel as if it was about to burst, the chest were tight, my shoulders and arms were hurting, and I barely managed to stay afloat.

After doing 400 meters or 16 laps (25 meter for every lap), I was ready to give up. I was breathless and had no energy left. Almost all my rivals have left the pool and the next batch was already on standby.

Sensing I was in trouble, a competitor named Omar who was supposed to swim in my lane asked me: “Can you continue?” I replied wearily: “Cannot la... too tired.” He asked the time keeper how far have I swam. “400 meters.” Then he said to the timekeeper: “Let him continue running” and surprisingly he said okay.

I stared at him in disbelief and asked: “Really aaa... can I continue my run?” “Sure,” he said. Omar and Along (who later said I looked disoriented in the pool) then proceed to pull me out. I could hardly stand straight, I was so exhausted. I was asked to relax for a few minutes before running.

After gulping some isotonic drink and wearing my shoes and running vest, I stood up and started running, initially like a drunken person. My legs were heavy and my head was spinning slightly. Only after several minutes was I able to revert to proper running mode.

The run consists of three loops, from Chin Woo Stadium to Jalan Changkat Stadium, Jalan Stadium, Jalan Maharajalela, Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan Hang Jebat and back to the stadium.

I felt so relieved to see the finishing line at the stadium entrance, and after my exhausting experience at the pool, to be garlanded with a finisher’s medal is well worth it.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the organisers for letting me continue despite not completing the swim. Can I be called a biathlete now?

(Fairul Version)

Pagi tu mendung & sejuk sbb hujan renyai2 malam tadi. Sampai di Stadium Chin Woo, jumpa Alang & Along. Diorang sampai dulu. Alang bagitau, Mr Lesther called last nite, bleh muat lagi sorang. So Alang decided to take part.

We went straight to the pool. Registered ourselves. Get them to write our number on our body. Rasa mcm masuk triathlon plak. Tak sabar nak start my 1st tri next year.

The race will be ran 4 waves. I’m in the 4th wave(the last wave) & Alang in 3rd wave. The race started with 1st wave, the junior categories. Lots of cute kids took part. I was surprise, they’re very good & confident in swimming. Some are doing freestyle, and some doing breast stroke.

Kene tunggu setiap wave habis, barulah bleh start the next wave. Tunggu punya tunggu, akhirnya wave Alang pun tiba. Alang start slowly, breast stroke. While waiting for Alang’s wave to finish, I’m preparing all my transition stuff. Towel, running shoes, race belt & running necklace.

Put all my stuff at my swimming lane, and started jump into the water. Terkejut sbb my lane was the deepest part of the pool. Ahhh.. lantak. Tak kisah nyer. Cuma satu masalah, the pool floor takde lane markings. So susah nak swim straight nnti. Takut berlanggar dgn org satu lane. Done 100m of warm-up swim.

The race started. I swim slow & steady but maintain my pace till the end. Peserta beside me laju. He lead me about 100m camtu. Sebelum final lap, the time keeper knocked my head with the kickboard & shouted “Final lap!!!”. I swim faster. Wanna finish the swim fast, cos getting bored already.

Finished the swim in 19mins, climbed up the pool, lap muka sket, wore my shoes, my necklace, drank some 100plus(thanks Along) & wore the race belt. Started the run slowly cos still have the dizzy feeling. “Mabuk air”.

Selepas 200m, the dizzy dah hilang. I have to do 3 loops of running, to make it 7km. Lotsa hill climb. But the feeling that morning was good. Maybe the weather was not hot & my tri-suit was still wet, made me comfortable during my run.

The 1st lap was good. Took my 1st band, & continue my 2nd lap. 2nd lap went very good. Manage to overtook some runners. Met Alang while doing his last lap. Took my 2nd band and continue to my last lap. Managed to maintain my pace from the start of the run. Managed to do a non-stop running also. Grabbed my 3rd band and headed back to Chin Woo. Try to sprint during the steep hill-climb at the Chin Woo, but can’t do it. Just maintain my pace. Finished the race in 1:02. 18 mins behind my target time (1:20).

That’s all for now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Relay Without Barrier 2008

Photos by Mr. Tey

EVENT: Relay Without Barrier 2008 organised by 3R Circle
VENUE: Taman Bukit Kiara, KL
DISTANCE: 4km loop x 3 runners
ATTENDEES: Javier and Shahrizal (Tri Latinos) and Chan, Jaya and Fuzahir (Slowmovers)

A relay event where I was a last minute replacement for one of Javier's South American teammates. Along was supposed to be the runner, but due to her aging knees (still sore from her half marathon exploits in Penang a week ago), she asked me to bail her out.

No problem, it's just 4 kilometers. Then I suddenly remembered the 'Hidung Kembang Run' (KLAVA Deepavali Relay Run) held at the same venue last year, which almost burst my lungs due to the steep hills. By then it was too late to back out.

So with zero preparation (no running since the full marathon in Penang) I drove to Taman Bukit Kiara with Along. We stopped at Bandar Baru Sentul to fetch Javier.

Reached the venue about 7am and warmed up while waiting for the third member of the Tri Latinos to turn up. Five minutes before the start, Javier was still frantically trying to call his friend but that fella was 'incommunicado' for unknown reasons.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Our friend and volunteer for the event, Steven, was 'forcibly persuaded' to be our third runner. Being a good sport that he is, Steven agreed. Thank you Steven for without you, the Tri Latinos would probably DNS.

And so, with Steven 'Capucchino' and Shahrizal 'Kopitiamo' as the replacement runners, the Tri Latinos were ready to battle it out with 13 other teams in the open category.

Alas, with only Javier as the reliable runner while Senor Capucchino and Senor Kopitiamo were more intent on making sure they don't pass out before the finishing line, the Tri Latinos were placed 13th, while the Slowmovers finished 10th.

Medals were given to every runner according to their teams' position. Bottled mineral water and watermelon were also served to runners. Overall, the race was fun and simple, and I believe everybody enjoyed themselves. I hope more such races will be organized in the future.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Special Report: Fairul's 1st Full Marathon

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008
Venue : Queensbay Mall
Date : 16 Nov. 2008

FYI, this is my 1st ever attempt to do a full 42.2km marathon run. So I took it seriously, very serious until i had the worst nervous i have ever feel. Want to eat, cannot eat much. Want to drink, cannot drink much also. Feel like wanna vomit when eat so much. I need to eat much for carbo loading & hydration.

Me & my wife arrived early, 2 days before the race day, just to relax & jalan2 as that was my 1st time in Penang also. hahaha… Went “jalan2? to Batu Feringhi and Tanjung Bungah. Makan2 & buy some clothing at the famous stalls, similar to Petaling Street in KL.

The night before the marathon, we went eating near our hotel with Chan & the rest, for final carbo-loading dinner. Went back early to hotel for final preparation of my running stuff. Sleep early that night(2100hrs).

Wake up at 0030hrs, wowww.. so early. After having a hot shower, apply the petroleum jelly to the chafe prone areas, wear running clothes & watch tv before going out.

0130hrs. Called Alang(my brother-in-law) room, out we go. Took the 2km walk to Queensbay Mall. Saw some participants camping overnight just for the race. Great effort there guys! Did some stretching & warm-up until sweat. Just enough for me to loosen-up my muscles.

Registered at the race marshal, they gave me 1 band & 1 glowing band (to make us runners visible). From what i can see, the full marathon participants are not more than 500.

At 0300hrs the full marathon started. I started with slow pace. Alang paced behind me. Just maintained my pace. Reached the first water station at km 5. Sipped a cup of 100plus. Then, continued my run with the same pace.

At km 7.5, there was a sponging station. Took a couple of ice cold sponge and pour them onto my head, body & both legs. After a while, saw the front runners passing by at the opposite of the road. There was about 5 Kenyan runners. Wow.. so fast laa them. Saw other trailing runners passed by. My gap with other runners about 100m front & back. Sometime i feel very quiet & creepy running on that road. The wind blows slowly. Sometimes heard noise like someone wanna come out of the bush at the side of the road, but no one there. Just ignore it & continue my run.

Reached the 10km mark at the Air Cargo Terminal. Sipped my 1st Power Gel. YUCK!!! There’s a water station there, given the second band & we have to make a u-turn heading back to Queensbay Mall. 1km after the u-turn, i passed Alang which was on the other side of the road. Shout to each other & continue our run.

Reach the next water station, drank 2 cup of water, pour some water to head & body, & go. Right after the water station, there’s an Indian guy sitting beside the road rubbing his leg. “Bro, are you ok?” He showed me a thumb-up. I smile & said “Just go easy, ok!” Then i continued. The nice thing about this run, each runners care about each other. This will make us not feel down & discourage about the pain we feel.

Ran pass the Queensbay Mall on my right. Sipped another PowerGel before reaching the next water station. Saw 2 Kenyan runners on the other side of the road, escourted by a car with timing LCD on top of it. “2:20:xx”. So fast. But far from the world record. They’re about 2km to finishing line. Saw another 2 Kenyans. Met a fellow runner, did a quick chit chat. He ran faster than me. Asked me to join, i said nevermind, i’m running my own race.

Not far after that, i saw him again sitting beside the road. “Are you ok bro?”. “Nevermind, you go first”, he replied. Arghh… another men down. I must keep my mental strong. Maintain my pace. Concentrate on my main mission.

Reached the PowerBar station. They handed me a Green Apple flavoured PowerGel and said there was a water station 1km ahead. I saw lotsa empty PowerGel packs on the road. Seemed that people very sure there are water station nearby. I’m not gonna sip my PowerGel yet, until i saw myself the water station with water available. Lesson learned from previous experience(ADIDAS KOTR 2008).

Started to run on the bridge. My knees & ankle started to feel the pain. I slowed my pace. Saw so many school students walking, not running. I think they all “kena paksa” run this 25km half marathon. Pity them.

Ran & ran, as i thought, no water station insight. Hahaha.. i know already. These people can’t be trust. The next water station was at the middle of the bridge, which i think about 4km after the PowerBar station.

Sipped the given PowerGel, and drink 2 cup of plain water. Saw Chan at the other side & waved him. “Keep up man!!”, he shouted. My leg feel so pain. Nearly cramped. Reach a medic tent, asked them to spray my leg with the cold & numbing spray. They asked me to take a rest first. I said nevermind, the long journey must continue. I don’t have much time.

Saw so many amateur radio station on the roadside. Looked around for their callsign. There you go. 9W2CMT, 9W2LAW, 9W2ONG… they are all from MARTS group. “Hi, I’m 9W2FER. Base at Kilo Lima”, i talked to myself. Hahaha… no time to greet them. It will be a long chit chat if we radio people meet each other.

Continue my journey. Sometimes run, sometimes walk. Every step was a pain now. Have to spare my energy left to endure this pain. Arghhhhh….!!! Several times, my leg feel like wanna cramp. So i went to the roadside and stretch my legs to avoid cramp.

Finally reached the toll plaza u-turn. Sipped another PowerGel & drank some water. Grabbed the third band & stop a while at at the medic to pour some ice on my pain knees & ankle. Continued my run. From the toll plaza, I can see Pulau Jerejak so far away. Queensbay Mall is behind Pulau Jerejak, so can’t see it from there. Arghhh.. my destination still so far away. Nevermind, keep my mental strong. I must do it. No matter how hard & pain it was. Looked around for any remaining full marathoners, but found nobody. Still could see Alang also. Thinking whether he’s still running or gave up already. Keep on going Alang. May the force be with you.

Run & walk, slowly. Reach the mid of the bridge. Another water station there. Surprisingly, they still have much water. Grab some cups & go. Dont wanna eat anymore PowerGel. “Muak” already. Not far away, met a full marathon runner sitting on the roadside. “Are you ok, bro? Let’s keep on going”. I grabbed his hand and he tried to run with me, but he can’t forced himself anymore. “You go first bro, i can’t take it anymore”, he said. Waved to him and I continued my run. Another man down.

The time was 9:xx am. Sweeper buses keep passing by, full with back markers inside. I hope i will not be swept by them. So i have to keep running & ingoring the pain. Right after the bridge end, met Along. Her legs cramped. I continued my run. Walk. Run. Walk. Run. Until the 1km to go mark, i ran non-stop. Suddenly my energy went up. The determination to finish the run has overcome the pain. With all the remaining energy, I ran to the finishing line. 500m to go, 300m to go, 100m to go… FINISH!!!

Greeted & hugged my wife. Izzat took my finishing photo. My time was 6:43. The medal & cert counter was not there anymore. A huge frustration there. Walk straight to the medic. They put ice to my legs & did some massage. Sooo painful. Legs pain, heart also pain.

Saw Alang & Along. They were forced to board the sweeper bus by police. What? Just let them make it to the finish line. It’s 2km more to go. They has gone this far, just let them go. Their effort just gone like that. The police just don’t have any idea about how important it is to finish the run on foot.

That’s my story. My 1st attempt in doing full marathon. It’s great to experience it. The run was enjoyable. The pain was just a part of the experience. Love the environment, the ambience, the windy road, the people around me, love the quiet & calm road.

But i have bad things to say about the event. I was told that the organiser has packed up all the remaining medals & cert. They wont give it to the remaining race finisher. What do you think they gonna do with all the medals & cert. Maybe they will distribute them to their family and friends. Hahaha… As a result, I’m a marathon finisher with no reward. Even they dont have any record of me as a full marathon finisher. They dont even care to whoever finish the race more than 6hrs time. Where’s the sport spirit of the organiser? This is not the first time Penang Bridge Marathon was held. I was told, it was organised by the state government itself. Ohhh.. No wonder. That’s why laa it sucks!!! I’ll never run anymore full marathon in Penang, untill the organiser changed. But, i’m looking forward for another full marathon. Yehaaa!!! ADIEU…

By Fairul

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Genting Trailblazer 2008

Date: 2 November 2008
Time: 8.45am (yieshhh, why la so late)
Teams: Along & Nina, Angah & Alang, Izzat & Halil, Me & Fairul
Distance: 14km up and down the jungle of Genting

Achik and family plus fairul and I, took the package with room, so we stayed overnight at Awana from Saturday. Malas la, nak kelam kabut tomorrow morningnya.

So the next morning, the rest of the people plus Sarah and Iylia came around 7.00am. Took their goodies bag and changed in my room.

Oh ya, Syikin decided to chicken out, so ganti ngan Izzat. Izzat and Halil are in the mixed team, so don’t know which is which.

Along and Nina were flaged-off first, followed by the rest of us about 10 minutes later. My partner and I jogged slowly around the golf course before we entered the forest … even that was difficult.

Mind you it rained the night before and the jungle floor was very slippery. Tanah liat all the way. Angah, Alang, Nina and Izzat wore the normal running shoe …. apa lagi, slip sliding away la gamaknya. My team, having kasut foong kiong on our side, dashed our way down the hill. Jauh jugak la kitorang tinggalkan diorang. Advantage babe ….

First half of the race were great, but the next half……. OMG!! Killer!!!! But fortunately for us, we did the same distance last year, so it’s a matter of taking it easy the whole race. But for the rest of the family, they did only 8km last year….. rasakan la…. Hahahahahah.

Only one water station provided, itu pun the last 2km. Oh ya, speaking about water, I got very angry with my partner. Tau nape? He brought 2 water bottles, tapi dua2 letak air energy….ceh, tak sedap langsung. Letak la air kosong satu botol, ni sampai I terhaus sekejap. I was so upset with him, I decided to give him the cold shoulder. Nasib baik dah dekat nak sampai the stream. Sampai je, terus minum air. Rupa2nya my partner buang air dari satu botol tu, isi air sungai tu. Bijak jugak dia..heheheh.

Interesting happenings (gathered from everyone):-

  • I was slapped. Yes people, I got slapped from one of the participants. Not on purpose though. She slipped … her hands went flailing away … I was behind her …. and PEK!! …. yeah, you know the rest. Got the shock of life.

  • One annoying guy behind us, kept instructing his partner on what to do. “Ha, kaki kiri, kanan, pegang pokok tu, letak kaki cam ni.” Ayo, kalau partner tu can keep up, tak kisah la buat cam tu, ni I tengok dah macam tak gerak dah ruponyo.

  • According to Alang, Angah almost cried. Her exact words were “Nak nangis dah ni”. Hahahah. Tu la, rasakan buat 14km.


  • I got scratches on my hands, almost got bitten by lintah tapi managed to tepis and yeah… the unforgettable slap.

  • Angah got one big lebam on her arm, due to tersepit with the tali.

  • But the champion is Nina la. Habis kaki, tangan dia penuh dengan scratches. “Menyesal masuk” she said in disgust.

The last 200m is the most interesting stretch. Obstacle course. Slightly different from last year…. lagi gile. Ade ke panjat the kayu and then jump inside the muddy water. Gile, susah budget ooo. Mau terseliuh kaki.

And so, my team arrived first (3hr 30mins), followed by team Halil & Izzat (unsangkarable), Angah & Alang next and finally Mama & Nina.

Sampai, milo dah habis. Tapi mee goreng, telur sandwiches ada lagi. Ok la, lapar and sejuk ooo lepas tu.

Ok la, that’s it from Genting. Next couple of weeks, we will be in Penang for Penang Bridge Marathon. Sayonara.

By Suriati Sanusi

P/S: Oh ya I heard, a couple of people did not go to work on Monday. Tau sape? Nina and Fairul. Badan kejang siol. Hahahahaha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mizuno Wave Run 2008

Date: 19 October 2008
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Padang Merbuk
Distance: 10km

My first race

  1. After raya;
  2. Since forever;
  3. Not using my MP3;
  4. Wearing a headband; and
  5. Wearing a skirt/skort.

I called it the reverse race because we are going the other way from last year's route. So instead climbing up the long hills, it was more going down the hills. You can say it was quite easy.

What can I say about this race?

  • Nothing out of the ordinary;
  • One water station, but it's ok; and
  • Weather was fine.

Any comments?

  • Just one I think, want more Milo drinks. My brother was the last person to get it and there were still like 100 people behind him. Oh well, first come first serve la.

A good race. Two weeks from now, Genting Trailblazer. Yeahhhhh....

By Suriati Sanusi

Sunday, October 12, 2008

NB Klang Pacers 12km 2008

(The full version will upload soon. Need to convert to smaller MB. For now, enjoy this. )

DATE: 12th October 2008
EVENT: New Balance Klang Pacers 12KM 2008
VENUE: Padang Sultan Sulaiman, Klang
RUNNERS: Suraiyah, Sumarni, Shahrizal, Mohd Izzat and Fairul Mizam

OUR first run since the Seremban Half Marathon (24th August). All of us except Along struggled to complete the run. The same thing happened during the Kuantan Teluk Chempedak Run held one week after raya last year.

As Along pointed out to us later, running during the fasting month has its benefit. Keep running during Ramadan and you will not tire or thirst easily. Ye Along, kami akur dengan hakikat itu... we were dormant during Ramadan and we paid the price.

We left Gombak about 5am and reached the venue about 50 minutes later. This is our first visit to Klang, domain of the Running Mom, and finding the venue was easy thanks to Fairul's direction.

After the high tempo warmup session (see accompanying montage for some hilarous movements) the male runners gathered at starting line outside the stadium and were flagged off about 7.10am, followed by the ladies 5 minutes later. The weather was good and traffic control was satisfactory.

Though the route is basically pancake flat, our unpreparedness is there for all to see. Izzat felt his legs tightening and heavy like a ton of bricks during the last km, I suffered cramps on both calves at the final stretch and Angah almost had a heart attack!

Fairul was the first to arrive followed by Izzat, myself, Along and Angah. After collecting the certificate and finisher medal, we made a beeline to the refreshment area.

I had 7 cups of Milo and God knows how many bananas. After the chitchat and photo session, we headed back to Gombak for breakfast at the mamak restaurant. Next event will be the Mizuno Wave Run. See you there!

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seremban Half Marathon 2008

VENUE: NS Padang, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
TIME: 6.45am (21km followed by other categories)
RUNNERS: Along, Angah, Alang and Fuzahir (21km), Hamid (11km) and Izzat (9km).
MORAL SUPPORT: Chan and Haieezan

THE Sanusi Family's first running event outside the Klang Valley this year. Could have been earlier, but a few running events were held at different venues on the same day, notably the RMAF and Port Dickson (May) and Siemens and Ipoh (July).

The four of us left KL on Saturday night for Angah's apartment in Port Dickson. About 5.30 am Sunday, we left PD and arrived at the venue a little after 6am.

We met Chan, Fuzahir, Hamid and Haieezan after parking the car near the NS Padang. Chan registered for the 21km but could not run because of injury.

The 21km runners were flagged off at 6.45am. The route is almost similar to the adidas KOTR - lots of hills - but unlike the KOTR, the water and sponging stations for the Seremban Half Marathon were evenly spread out.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes passed by us runners just inches away on the main and industrial roads at the second half of the race - too close for comfort. Traffic control or cones were sorely missed.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves despite huffing and puffing our way to the finishing line.

Me, Angah and Fuzahir got a medal. Angah pipped Along to the last medal. Angah also received a hamper as her bib number were listed among the lucky winners at the finishing line.

We'll be taking a break for puasa and will reactivate our running mode after raya. Until then, ciao!

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jacob's Walk of Life 2008

DATE: 17 August 2008
EVENT: Jacob's Walk Of Life 2008
VENUE: Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor
TIME: 8.30 am
ATTENDEES: Along, Angah, Alang dan Izzat

MY undying love for milk made me do something I have never done before during a running/walking event - visiting the toilet for the 'big' one.

At last Sunday's Jacob's Walk Of Life 2008, where milk and biscuits were served to participants, I succumbed to the temptation and gulped three packets and four cups of milk before the walk, besides nibbling several biscuits. Big mistake!

Thirty minutes into the 7km walk, I was sweating profusely for two reasons - the exercise and the pressure of trying to contain the churning feeling in my tummy.

Unable to stem the rising pressure any longer, I scrambled to the nearest toilet so as not to mess my track bottoms. As if doing the Kegel is not challenging enough, the lock of all three rooms in the toilet were broken!

Luckily I had my backpack, so I used it to block the door while hoping nobody will push it open and face the consequences!

I felt so very relieved after the bowel session and vowed not to repeat the milky mistake. Too much milk can be hazardous... to me that is.

The walk itself was pleasant, and two water stations were provided along the way. Goodiebags were given at the finishing line.

Met several running comrades - Steven, Joyce, Andrew and May - posed with the maskots and came face to face with two male macacques scavenging a dustbin for food during the walk.
Looking at their size, they were probably the dominant males.

Well, that's about it. We'll be doing the Seremban Half Marathon this Sunday.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adidas King Of The Road 2008

EVENT: Shah Alam King Of The Road Run 2008
VENUE: Dataran Shah Alam
START: 6.55am for half marathon, followed by other categories
RUNNERS: The Sanusi family, Chan, Fuzahir, Javier, Estelle, the Bernama Gang (you know who you are)

I will always remember the Shah Alam Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) 2008 last Sunday for it's WALL.E factor. Not the Pixar animated movie, but it's about:

W - water! water! water!

The lack of water almost dehydrated me. The water stations were inadequate and not spread out evenly; one at less than 5km, another at almost halfway (and that too you have to gulp from the bottle and put it back again on the table for runners behind you), and the last at less than 2km from the finishing line.

At one point I was so thirsty I readied my empty water bottle to scoop water from the basin at the sponging station, but it was dry too!So the next best thing was to suck the sponges (I think I took four) and man, was it tasty! I also placed a sponge at the back of my neck for cooling purposes, but later sucked the salty water!The organisers could learn something from the RMAF about providing adequate water and sponging stations.

A - armpit and groin area chaffed. Chaffing at the armpit area is a first for me, while the stinging pain at the groin and butt is just outside the vaseline lathed area. Next time must remember to widen the vaseline area.

L - limped and walked mostly for the last 4km because of cramps, first the left calf and then the right. Asked the volunteers at the sponging stations for ice but there were none, so I used the sponges instead.

L - learned my lesson.. train harder and watch your weight! My mileage reduced greatly after RMAF and I was also five kilograms heavier. The effects showed, especially after the halfway mark.

E - exhausted, really really exhausted! Have never felt this tired and sore since the Great Eastern 30km last January.Anyway me, my siblings and fellow Slowmovers all made it to the finishing line. I failed to repeat last year's medal winning performance, but Along and Angah (thru Along's persuasion talents) managed to get medals after the race.

Finally (as a promo!) please watch our montage taken by our cycling handycamerawoman, Suriati. Runningmom Haza, you're in it too (albeit for a few seconds).

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rimbathon 2008

Date: 3 August 2008
Time: Outrageously late - 9.15am
Venue: FRIM
Runners: The Sanusi's only

I think this is the first time, I'm running, angry. Apa la organiser. Ingat ni sukan sekolah ke, semua orang nak kasi ucapan... dari the pengetua to whoever la. And proudly saying that they have been organising for this particular event for the last five year. Well, guess what, you guys just wasted your five years, organising one of the worst event I've ever entered.

Where can I start? Hhmmm ... let's see, shall we:-
  1. Distributing numbers on the day..... BAD IDEA. Masa terhabis nak ambil nombor je. My sister went and picked up the t-shirt the other day, WITHOUT the number. Kata diorang, nombor tak siap lagi. What??? And you expect us to come again some other day. What laaa....

  2. Everyone in the school board PLUS the FRIM's big people give speeches, before the run..... another BAD IDEA. Please la. You can do it, when the race is over. Nak 20 orang kasi ucapan pun, go ahead.

  3. Warming up/Aerobics... do it like 5 minutes, at most 8 minutes only. Why? Most of us, the regular runners, would have done the warming up already, so no need so long la. And bila orang suruh berenti, berenti la. Boleh pulak the instructor tu refuse to stop. Kelakar, kelakar. And I heard, she actually had 4 songs. OMG!!!

  4. When you start a race, you flag off the category with the longest distance, accordingly followed by the rest of the categories. Baru la the winners sampai serentak. Ini ada pulak Angah with 3.5km only, pergi dulu. And mine yang 10km, the last one.

  5. For 10km, at least one water station is required. Ni yilek, nada, cero, takde. Dah la start lambat, bila dah start lambat dah tentu panas plus most of the route are uphill. Both of us were so dizzy towards the end, we decided to walk je. First aid pun takde kat atas tu.

Well, that's it la rasanya. Apa-apa pun, all of us survive the gruesome run. So organiser, next time, pergila masuk few events dulu, tengok cam ne orang lain organise. I think, you do not need five years to prepare for a small running event. A few months pun boleh.

Ok la. Next race - Adidas KOTR. C ya.

- Suriati Sanusi -

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jelajah KSN Run 2008

Date: 12 July 2008
Time: 7ish (I think)
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium
Distance: 6km only (as if....)
Runners: Along, Angah, Izzat, Me, Fairul, Chan, Fuzahir, Haieezan, Hasif, Javier (and a few more, I don't remember their names, but you know who you are)

Different venue, different kind of route. At first I thought this is going to be an easy breezy run, 6km only what.... Unfortunately it does not go that way.

The first half was ok, same ole kind of route ... hills, long winding road, the usual. And then came the second half.

First - stairs, few steps only, kacang la. Surprisingly the next one was a brigde, you know the kind where you cross the streets with. Still ok. After crossing the road, water station with 100 plus.... ahh nice (iklan sikit). Then up the stairs again, but this time more steps and a bit tinggi also. Then run up the hill, this part already tercungap sikit but still can do. I reached this taman where one of the officials waiting for us there to guide, told us "Up the stairs and down the hill, you will reach the stadium. Only one kilometre left". Sounds simple isn't it? YEAH RIGHT!!!!

This is the best part. Zig zaging up a stair which was about five stories high (and I'm not exagerating). Rasa cam nak mampus. Haieezan punya lidah dah sampai ke tanah dah. I was dizzy half way up. Nasib baik tak pengsan. And that is not the end.

When he said "down the hill" memang down habis. Kalau tersadung kaki, memang rolling la ke bawah. Siap ada sorang runner tu, terlajak, terpaksa pusing balik.

As we went down, we were getting nearer to the stadium and then to the finishing line. Phew! Not bad for a 6km run. I think only the girls je yang dapat medal. Then seperti biasala, milo, pictures, lepaks, more pictures, milo some more and go home.

So next race will be Adidas King Of the Road, for me that is. I'm off for paintball camp next week. Until then, this is Suriati Sanusi, signing out.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Siemens Run 2008

Date: 7 July 2008
Venue: Dataran Merdeka
Time: 7.30am
Runners: The Sanusi & Javier
Distance: 10km & 7km (Izzat)

Nothing out of ordinary for this race. Except, there were 5 water stations along the route. First time ever, for me that is. Good thing too, because I was very very thirsty that morning.

After the race we had a chat with Javier's friend, Jorge Luis Alfaro (I think) also from Cuba. He is a new coach for our national high jump athletes, replacing Antonio. Man, is he tall, 2 meters!!!

And then we were joined by Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, the Honorary Secretary of Olympic Council of Malaysia, nice guy, ex VI student. So is Alang.

Well that is it, I guess. Next race, Saturday KSN at Bukit Jalil but Alang will not be joining us.

By Suriati Sanusi

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Runners - Genting Trailblazer 2008

Date: 2 November 2008
Venue: Awana Genting Highlands
Time: 8.30am


  1. Fairul & Suriati (Mixed) - F0001 (so terror, 12.05am 1st July dah register ahahahaha....)


Monday, June 30, 2008

Runners - Siemens Run 2008

Date: 6 July 2008
Time: 7.15am
Venue: Dataran Merdeka

  1. Fairul - A0145
  2. Shahrizal - A0146
  3. Suriati - B2278
  4. Sumarni - D4211
  5. Suraiyah - D4212

Runners - Jelajah KSN 2008

Date: 12 July 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 6.45am
Venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil

  1. Fairul
  2. Suriati
  3. Suraiyah
  4. Sumarni
  5. Izzat

Runners - Adidas King Of The Road

Date: 10 August 2008
Time: 6.45am
Venue: Dataran Shah Alam (argghhh oil)


  1. Fairul - A
  2. Shahrizal - B
  3. Suriati - D
  4. Suraiyah - E
  5. Sumarni - E


  1. Estelle Looi - G


  1. Izzat - P

McDonald Olympic Run 2008

Date: 29 June 2008
Time: 7.40am
Distances: 7km and 3km (Iylia je)
Runners: The Sanusi anak beranak laki bini, technical boys (Haizan, Hasif) and of course The Thing.

My first race after my wedding. I missed quite a lot of races since Bernama TV went 24 hours since 28 Feb. That plus pre and post wedding, I gain about 5 kgs and my speed went yuck.

So for today's race I took it slow, like I ran for the very first time. And for the very first time too, I'm running with my hubby and he'd slowed down his pace so we could run together, hahahah. Thank you babe.

What can I say about today's race? It is only 7km, same ole route, quite a few of hills and surprisingly there was a water station. I did not expect that at all.

Oh yes, there was this girl, category F, she kept pacing with me. I do not mind actually, tapi kalau ye pun nak pacing, jangan la rapat sangat. I got very irritated with the bumping and gesel-ing so I slowed down to a stage where she would think I was slowing down to walk. As soon as she started walking, I continue running. And I kept doing that for a few times, towards the end I think she just gave up. Hahahah, padan ngan muka dia.

Everybody went ahead of me, except for Alang. His daughter Sarah also running, so Alang has to be the caddy, bawak air, kain tuala, first aid, duit teksi .... Bagus la Alang.

At the square, as usual ada Milo and then there were also Ribena, Vitagen. I was expecting Cheese Burger or Beef Burger, but unfortunately takde. Apara, kata McDonald... tapi takde those things, tak mcdonald la.

Well that's it for this race. Next week, Siemens run 10k. Hmmmm.... With extra baggage in my butt and thight, not to mention my not-that-keras-anymore muscle kaki, could I still do it? We shall see.

By Suriati Sanusi

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

RMAF Half Marathon 2008

Date: 25 May 2008
Time: 6.30am
Venue: TUDM Sungai Besi Air Base

IT'S not often you get to start and finish a road racein a security area. The RMAF Half Marathon 2008 heldat the TUDM Sungai Besi Air Base on the 25th of May offered that privilege to more than 1,500 runners.

On other days, the air force personnel would shoo you away if you don't have valid reasons to enter the area. On Sunday, just by wearing a bib and running attire, runners were given a warm welcome and a helping hand prior to the race.

The air force personnel directed us to the parking area and provided transportation to the starting line at the runway. The race started at 6.30am and a few strides later we were treated to a display of fireworks and flare.

We had to run more than a kilometer before exiting the air base at a gate facing the road leading to Wisma Putra.

Except crowd support, the race has everything every runner needs - ample sponging and drinking stations, adequate distance markers, traffic control and medical assistance. Powergels were also given to runners at the halfway mark at Dataran Merdeka - a rare offering for a half marathon.

The Slowmovers performed well in this race. Chan as usual led the way with a sub 2hrs finish, followed byFuzahir (2.17), myself (2.43), Hasif (2.47) and my two sisters Angah (2.56) and Along (2.57). Izzat ran in the schoolboys' category.

Along and Angah dipped below 3hrs for the first time -a result we did not expect as we were busy preparing for our youngest sister's marriage at the weekend.

For your info, both Suriati and her husband Fairul registered for the race and they assured us they would come (though it's a day after their marriage), but we had our doubts.

When they did'nt turn up eventually, with 'tiredness'and 'tak boleh bangun' as the reason, we were not theleast surprised.

Anyway, selamat pengantin baru to our sister and brother in law and semoga berkekalan hingga ke anakcucu!

One more thing, did anyone notice the word Gallantry on the medal is misspelled as Gallantzy?

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Asthma Run 2008

Date: 11 May 2008
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Padang Merbuk

MY daughter, Sarah, 13, is asthmatic. So is her 10 year old cousin, Iylia Nadrah. However, to both of them, taking part in the WorldAsthma Day Jogathon 2008 at Padang Merbuk on the 11th of May is a must as it gave them another opportunity to prove that the ailment doesn't dampen their interest and enthusiasm towards sports.

Me, Along, Angah and Izzat also took part as a sign of support and encouragement. It also gave me an opportunity to run with my daughter - something I believe every sporty father or mother would love to do. Angah did it with her daughter Iylia at the KRI 12km Run at Ipoh last year, and I jumped at the chance to do the same with Sarah as participants for the 5km jogathon were flagged off at the same time.

We were among the last to arrive, but I enjoyed myself and I believe Sarah felt the same even though she was pretty exhausted. I kept to her pace, carry the water bottle and gave her encouragement and breathing tips everytime she felt tired. Our strategy is walk uphill, run as long as posible on the flat route and run downhill.

And the happiest moment for me is seeing Sarah completing the run despite all the difficulties, her face beaming with pride. For any parent, that moment is priceless.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orange Run 2008

Date : 13 April 2008
Starting time : 7.30am
Venue : Piazza, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Distance : 9km
Runners : Fairul, Suriati, Suraiyah, Sumarni, Shahrizal, Izzat, Chan, Fuzahir, Haieezan...

It was raining early in the morning, and i thought we'll gonna run in the rain. I never get the experience tu run in the rain before. Some said it's nice to run in the rain as your body wont get overheated.

depart from home at 6.00am. Reached The Curve 6.30am, it was raining lightly. 15mins later the rain fully stopped.

Met the rest at The Curve. The run for men categories started at 7.30am sharp. The women started about 10min later.

The air was quite cold because of the raining earlier. Got some difficulty to run during the early stage. But managed to get the rhythm after a few kilometres later.

After the Shell station, there road is going uphill. Lots of runners started to walk uphill, but i didn't dare to walk or i will lost my momentum there. So, I ran slowly uphill. I'm quite struggled. There's a water station after the first uphill road. Drink 2 cup of 100plus and continued my run. No more water station after that, except 2 nasi lemak stalls in front of Puay Chai Chinese school. They should sell the water also on that day, i bet you it will be selling like hot cakes.

Reach the finish line at The Curve, clocked my time at 1:08:00. Not a good timing though. Alang finished not far behind me. Saw Chan & Fuzahir already finished. Grab 2 cup of 100plus. Took the long queue for goodies bag. Grab 2 cup of Oligo Coco. Man, it taste good!!! Highly recommended! Seeking for my all time favourite, Milo. Drink 4 cup of milo and take some rest while waiting for others.

Other runners arrived, chit-chating, went to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and bought some donuts and chow-chin-chowwww... !!!

On the way to the car, meet some fellow runners and they told us about the upcoming Graveyard Run which will be held near the Sungai Besi chinese cemetery the following week. Wowwww.. that's creeeeeepyyyy...

- Fairul Mizam -

Friday, April 04, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2008

Date: 30 March 2008
Time: 4.30am (Full), 6.00am (Half), 7.00am (10k), 8.00am (7k & 3k)
Runners: Full - Alang (Champion la), Half (the rest)
Chicken: Halil....hahahahah

SUNDAY'S KL International Marathon 2008 was my first marathon after a lapse of 21 years. Coincidently, my final marathon in 1987 before the hiatus was the KL Marathon - my worst moment in marathon running coz I quit with just two kilometers remaining. At that time I was physically and mentally spent, could hardly stand and end up taking a ride in the sweeper bus to Merdeka Stadium.

Since then, I could never erase that failure from my mind. I was ashamed and hoped to have another chance to redeem myself. I did just that last Sunday by finishing the marathon in 6hrs 44min. Never mind that it took 21 years, now I'm really at peace with myself. I arrived at the venue at about 3.45 am with Suriati and Fairul. Met Running mom Haza as we were walking towards Dataran Merdeka from Bank Negara. The rest of the Slow Movers arrived as the full marathon was about to start.

At 4.30am sharp, I waved goodbye to my gang and started running. For the first 10km I was relaxed, still felt fresh and energetic. Perhaps eating a Powerbar and swallowing several spoonsful of honey before the race helped. I was still running comfortably when I reached the 20km mark. Wah, this is good, I have never been able to run non stop for 20km ever since I rekindled my interest in running by participating in the 2006 Merdeka Run.

However, the presence of runners from other categories at Jalan Bukit Bintang distracted my momentum, and my energy level sort of dropped from then on. I ran and walked until the 25km mark, when the race official looked at me and suddenly shouted "full marathon runners, 17 kilometers to go!" His voice jolted me and I began running a bit faster until the u-turn at Jalan Raja Laut.

Thankfully I have been spared the dreaded cramps sofar. Maybe the leg stretching and cooling the calves with ice and water at every refreshment and sponging station did the trick. I would later finish the race with not a single cramp.

After stepping on the red mat at the 30km mark near the Jalan Raja Muda Ab Aziz-Jalan Tun Razak junction, I checked my time - it showed 4hrs 35min - which meant I have 2hrs 25min to cover 12km. Despite feeling fatigued and sore, I was confident I could finish before the 7hr time limit if I run and walk.

To urge my tired body and legs, I thumped my chestand shouted: "Twelve kilometers to go! You can do it!" My action startled a motorcyclist and he slowed down and stared at me before continuing his journey. Sorry brother! Didn't mean to make you angry.

From the National Heart Institute until the last 4km, I had a Singaporean runner, Naveen, for company. He was running his fourth marathon and would later finish the race four minutes behind me.

By the time I passed the PWTC (about 9km to go), I could no longer persuade my legs to run. So I walked until the u-turn at Jalan Duta. Saw Running mom on the other side of the road and we waved at each other. With 3km to go, perhaps because of the heat, I felt a bit dizzy near the Parliament building. Oh no, I don't wanna faint when the finishing line is only 3km away! I quickly poured water over my head, and the dizziness disappeared. Phew!

I was really struggling now and depending solely on the mental strength to carry me all the way to the finish line. At the 40km mark, one Chinese male runner passed me and encouraged me to start running. "Come on, we will be going down hill soon. Just a bit more." Ok la, I told myself, better limber up now so that you can really run without stumbling and falling flat on your face at the final stretch.

Checking the watch again, it showed 6hrs 25min. I felt bit emotional here as I know I will make it in time. Finally the ghost of 1987 will be buried! As soon as I passed the '1km to go' mark and saw the Bank Negara building in the distance, the tiredness disappeared and I began running normally. I was felling so happy and excited I got goosebumps!

At the final corner, I saw Angah dan Iylia waiting by the roadside. They ran beside me until almost 100mto the finishing line. The rest of the Slow Movers were there to witness their first member to finish a marathon. Ok, I've started the ball rolling, when will the rest of you Slow Movers run the marathon eh?

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Veteran Run 2008

Date: 24 February 2008
Time: 7.00am
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium

Opposite attracts... especially if you cross dress. Halil proved it by being chosen the best dressed male in the fancy dress football event - by wearing a very sexy green nightie.

Despite reluctantly wearing it at first and looking a bit embarrassed, he began to enjoy himself as soon as the wolf whistles and cat calls started. The opponents also found him to be a'distraction', especially during the penalty kicks, when he intentionally show them his so called 'assets' behind the goal.

Anyway it was all done in good humourand everyone enjoyed themselves, whether as a player or spectator. Halil got a trophy for the best dressedmale and a runner-up medal in the football event.

For the Slowmovers, the Asean Veteran Sports Carnival 2008 is one of the rare occasions where every sloth brought home a medal. Along and Angah were placed 12th and 13th respectively in the women's 5km race category, Chan and Fuzahir in the men's category while myself and Along in the fancy dress football, me dressed in pyjamas and Along in a flowing nightie.

Along and Chan also tried their luck in the track medley event. Chan ran the 200m leg while Along the 400m leg. Chan's turbo lasted less than 100m, while Along tried and failed miserably to relive her glory days in track events in the 70's. Chan and Fuzahir also took part in the 4X400m men's relay, and both proved they are more comfortable running in road races.

Anyway, we will be back in action in the KL International Marathon 2008 at the end of March. Until then, cheerio and train hard everyone!

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Merentas Desa 2008

Date: 17 February 2008
Time: 7.40am, 7.45am & 7.50am
Venue: Taman Tasik Perdana
Distance: 8km & 6km
Runners: Fairul, Alang, Halil, Chan, Fuzahir, Izzat, Zakirin & Friend, Along, Angah, Rafidah and Me.

This morning, The Sanusi clan was there but Kakcik tak lari. Saje teman Iylia je.

The race started off with the A category and then the rest.


  • Chan had a fever but still came and got a medal, bukan cam Jaya, langsung tak datang...;
  • The route was not as bad as last year;
  • The women SlowMovers each got a medal ... none for the boys (except Chan). Try cross dressing next year try, maybe can get a medal; and
  • Saw this one school girl, talking to herself... LOUDLY. Man, I think the heat has gotten into her head already.

After the race, minum milo (yeahhhhh....) and lepak-lepak for a while.

Next week, a race for the veterans. I might not go for the next circuit training, sebab nak tengok these veterans run in the 4x1 category. Hahahah.. sure funny punya. Okla bye.

By Suriati Sanusi

Monday, February 04, 2008

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008

Date: 3 February 2008
Time: Varies from 8.00am to 9.45am
Venue: KL Tower la, where else
Runners: Fairul, Halil, Along, Angah, Rafidah, Izzat, Ibadurrahman, Zakirin and the media - Shahrizal for Metro; Chan, Jaya, Hasif and myself for Bernama.

For this event most of us are running for the media's category.

The route senang je, lari dari parking kat bawah dekat ngan The Weld tu sampai la kat observation deck kat atas KL Tower tu ha. Ikut tangga tau, bukan lift ya. Up up and away.......

Interesting stuff:-

  1. Media ran with the OKU category. So kira Chan untung la, lari dua category dalam satu la, hahhah sorry Chan, gurau je;
  2. Media tak start run lagi, Fairul who ran at 8.00am, dah turun bawah dengan lenggang kangkungnya. Ceh, kurang ajar;
  3. Climbing the stairs was not hard, the hard part was not to be able to breathe properly due to lack of ventilation in there. Dah rasa cam Darth Vader pulak;
  4. Dah la tangga tu sempit, ada pulak some runners ni, agaknya penat sangat, bergantung pada railing.... DUA-DUA BELAH PULAK TU. Cam ne kita nak potong dia? Kang marah kang, takde semangat kesukanan pulak.
  5. Seeing people crawling, sitting down and stopping for air (udara ye, bukan air) memang potong stim. We are so fired up, bila tengok diorang cam tu, terus rasa "susah sangat ke ha?????"
  6. As soon as I reached the finishing line, one school girl terus collapsed, pengsan. Ramai cameramen ambil gambar dia. Elok pulak dia pengsan betul2 kat finishing line tu. Pandai betul dia budget.
  7. Ingat sampai kat atas, boleh la tengok scenery. Sekali, kabus daaa... Apa pun tak nampak. Buat ponek den jo naik tanggo sampa kek ateh.
  8. Media Men Category, Chan was the 2nd runner up, congrats;
  9. For Media Women Category, Bernama pulun habis. Yours truly pun dapat no tiga tau, cam tak percaya je.

Congratulation to all the winners:-

  • Chan - 2nd runner up
  • Jaya - 4th (dapat jugak RM300 ye)
  • Hasif - 5th
  • Maznah - 1st
  • Lizawati - 2nd
  • MEEEEE -3rd
  • Noraini - 4th

Well done BERNAMA. Sape2 agak nak menang, kenala keje ngan media supaya next year ada dapat peluang..hahahah. Jangan tak tau, Bernama News (Prima) and Berita Bernama (Ria) malam tadi (Vannavil and AEC, tak tau pulak) carried my winning story, hahahaha lawak lawak.

C yaaaaa....

By Suriati Sanusi

Monday, January 28, 2008

KLIM Circuit Run 1

Date: 27 January 2008
Time: 7-ish am
Given time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Venue: Tasek Perdana (pusing2 tasik je)

Ingatkan ramai la SlowMovers datang, last-last Fairul and I yang sampai. Saw Joyce and friend, Shaharudin, uncle Jasmile, Ronnie ... most of them the usual face la.

Ok, the idea of the circuit run is to run as many rounds as you can in given time, which is 1 hour 15mins. One round lebih kurang 2.2 to 2.5 cam tu.

I did three only, sebab knee sudah goyang...hehehe. Fairul tiga jugak sebab nak terberak punya pasal. I noticed la, if kalau nak terkencing, still can tahan and finish the race... but if mau ouk ouk, waaa tak boleh main-main tau, mesti mau dilepaskan jugak. If not, berpeluh-peluh twice as hard. So, to be safe, mesti ke toilet the night before or the morning of the race.

Masa tengah lari terjumpa Mr Tey running the opposite way. Muka cam terkejut je tengok kitorang lari ramai-ramai kat situ. The next round I sampai kat pit stop, dia dah standby dengan camera. So gambar yang ada ni, courtesy of Mr Tey la ye. Thank you Mr Tey.

Shaharudin passed me twice, plus few more after I stopped, so kira-kira HALF MARATHON jugak la dia buat..... IN 1 HOUR 15 MINs. Ceh.... pantas sungguh dia.

Ok la, hope to see the rest of you in the next circuit run. It's fun la plus they give water and 100 plus. And No... No Milo. Dah free pun mau lebeh-lebeh ye. Bye.

By Suriati Sanusi

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Eastern 30k Run

Date: 20 January 2008
Time: 6.00am (30k) 6.30am (20k)
Venue: Taman Tasek Perdana - Sri Hartamas - Taman Tasek Perdana
Runners: Chan, Fuzahir and Alang (30k); Along, Angah, Kak Fida, Adam and myself (20k)

After a long rest, some of the sloths are back in action. The 30k flagged off first and then the rest of the members.

This is the most hilly run for me so far. I can't imagine what the 30k have to go thru, memandangkan diorang ikut the Mizuno route first. Killer.....

Stuff happened:-

  1. Along fell down tapi lepas tu pecut tak ingat punya, siap sampai dulu. Agaknya adrenalin malu has took over her;
  2. Masa Angah took over me, I saw her face, mak aiii... merah menyala. I thought she would collapsed due to out of breath;
  3. Along pitam right after crossing the finishing line. Terus masuk medic tent. Nasib baik dah crossed the line. Tu la, lari laju sangat;
  4. Alang's right nipple chafed, siap berdarah lagi. Got pic on that, check it out. So Alang, lepas ni you have to either wear a bra or tampal plaster 'X' on it.

After 4 hours and 50mins, Alang pun sampai. Respect la Alang. Tak kisah la if you jalan most of the time, janji sampai. Yata!!!! You completed the 30km run.

After completed the race, we registered for KLIM, Cross Country and Towerthon. I am proud to say that, all of us are going for 21km. Improvement. Yeah SlowMovers, Move It....

Balik pekena Kentucky, tukar selera pulak. Asyik McD je. After makan, everyone pun balik and I suspected everyone mesti pengsan punya lepas tu. Myself pun slept for 5 hours. Nasib baik tak keje.

Next race is on the beginning of February, the Towerthon.

By Suriati Sanusi

Runners - KLIM

I'm proud to announce one of the SlowMovers are going for full marathon.

Category C (Full-Marathon)

  1. Shahrizal - 2076 (Gila punya orang)
Category F (Half-Marathon)
  1. Fairul - 0017
  2. Sufian - 0059

Category G (Half-Marathon)

  1. Suriati - 1003

Category H (Half-Marathon)

  1. Halil - 2034

Category K (Half-Marathon)

  1. Sumarni - 4011
  2. Suraiyah - 4013
  3. Rafidah - 4014

Category M (10k)

  1. Nik Li - 0078 (Newbie)

Category N (10k)

  1. Suzaida - 2051 (Woi... lari ke??)

Category P (7k)

  1. Izzat - 3001
  2. Ibadurrahman - 3018
  3. Zakirin - 3019

For Full and Half-Marathoners, please get your RM20 ready for the championchip.

Runners - Merentas Desa Ke 23

Category A

  1. Fairul - 013

Category B

  1. Suriati - 507
  2. Asfarina Sasha - 514

Category C

  1. Shahrizal - 622
  2. Halil - 653

Category E

  1. Sumarni - 902
  2. Suraiyah - 903
  3. Rafidah - 904

Category F

  1. Izzat - 1001
  2. Ibadurrahman - 1005
  3. Zakirin - 1006

Runners - Towerthon 2008

  1. Suraiyah
  2. Fairul
  3. Izzat
  4. Sumarni
  5. Rafidah
  6. Halil
  7. Zakirin
  8. Ibadurrahman

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is Sloth Star?

You are a Sloth Star if you are:-

  • a sloth; and
  • the last one to finish the race, and when I say the last one, I mean the LAST ONE to cross the finishing line. Kira lepas tu orang tutup gate la....

If you have the above criterias, walahhhh.... you will have a page dedicated to your achievement.

So far we have 2. Well done guys.

Sloth Star - HAIEEZAN

Distance: 13.6KM
When: 1 JANUARY 2008


Distance: 21KM
When: 5 AUGUST 2007

Pacemakers Network Run

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ok I know it's been 2 weeks already, but better late than never. For my new year's resolution, I will try to update the blog ASAP, howzaboutdat?

By the way, how do you like the new look? Cool huh?!!

Right, The SlowMovers started their year (I mean really, it was the 1st of Jan for goodness sake) running with Pacemakers and friends at Tasik Perdana. Good to see the irregular sloths running this day.

Due to the rules (ehem ehem) I have to run two rounds only. The guys, six..hahahahah, padan ngan muka. So after two rounds, I lepak2 and watched the guys looking at me dengan penuh kedengkian..hahahah.

Well, today's run goes to Haieezan. Caya la. One more sloth to actually end the event. Welcome to the club.

That's it. Next run, Great Eastern 30km (20k for most of us) on the 20th Jan. Till then....

By Suriati Sanusi