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Friday, May 30, 2008

RMAF Half Marathon 2008

Date: 25 May 2008
Time: 6.30am
Venue: TUDM Sungai Besi Air Base

IT'S not often you get to start and finish a road racein a security area. The RMAF Half Marathon 2008 heldat the TUDM Sungai Besi Air Base on the 25th of May offered that privilege to more than 1,500 runners.

On other days, the air force personnel would shoo you away if you don't have valid reasons to enter the area. On Sunday, just by wearing a bib and running attire, runners were given a warm welcome and a helping hand prior to the race.

The air force personnel directed us to the parking area and provided transportation to the starting line at the runway. The race started at 6.30am and a few strides later we were treated to a display of fireworks and flare.

We had to run more than a kilometer before exiting the air base at a gate facing the road leading to Wisma Putra.

Except crowd support, the race has everything every runner needs - ample sponging and drinking stations, adequate distance markers, traffic control and medical assistance. Powergels were also given to runners at the halfway mark at Dataran Merdeka - a rare offering for a half marathon.

The Slowmovers performed well in this race. Chan as usual led the way with a sub 2hrs finish, followed byFuzahir (2.17), myself (2.43), Hasif (2.47) and my two sisters Angah (2.56) and Along (2.57). Izzat ran in the schoolboys' category.

Along and Angah dipped below 3hrs for the first time -a result we did not expect as we were busy preparing for our youngest sister's marriage at the weekend.

For your info, both Suriati and her husband Fairul registered for the race and they assured us they would come (though it's a day after their marriage), but we had our doubts.

When they did'nt turn up eventually, with 'tiredness'and 'tak boleh bangun' as the reason, we were not theleast surprised.

Anyway, selamat pengantin baru to our sister and brother in law and semoga berkekalan hingga ke anakcucu!

One more thing, did anyone notice the word Gallantry on the medal is misspelled as Gallantzy?

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Asthma Run 2008

Date: 11 May 2008
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Padang Merbuk

MY daughter, Sarah, 13, is asthmatic. So is her 10 year old cousin, Iylia Nadrah. However, to both of them, taking part in the WorldAsthma Day Jogathon 2008 at Padang Merbuk on the 11th of May is a must as it gave them another opportunity to prove that the ailment doesn't dampen their interest and enthusiasm towards sports.

Me, Along, Angah and Izzat also took part as a sign of support and encouragement. It also gave me an opportunity to run with my daughter - something I believe every sporty father or mother would love to do. Angah did it with her daughter Iylia at the KRI 12km Run at Ipoh last year, and I jumped at the chance to do the same with Sarah as participants for the 5km jogathon were flagged off at the same time.

We were among the last to arrive, but I enjoyed myself and I believe Sarah felt the same even though she was pretty exhausted. I kept to her pace, carry the water bottle and gave her encouragement and breathing tips everytime she felt tired. Our strategy is walk uphill, run as long as posible on the flat route and run downhill.

And the happiest moment for me is seeing Sarah completing the run despite all the difficulties, her face beaming with pride. For any parent, that moment is priceless.

By Shahrizal Sanusi