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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rimbathon 2008

Date: 3 August 2008
Time: Outrageously late - 9.15am
Venue: FRIM
Runners: The Sanusi's only

I think this is the first time, I'm running, angry. Apa la organiser. Ingat ni sukan sekolah ke, semua orang nak kasi ucapan... dari the pengetua to whoever la. And proudly saying that they have been organising for this particular event for the last five year. Well, guess what, you guys just wasted your five years, organising one of the worst event I've ever entered.

Where can I start? Hhmmm ... let's see, shall we:-
  1. Distributing numbers on the day..... BAD IDEA. Masa terhabis nak ambil nombor je. My sister went and picked up the t-shirt the other day, WITHOUT the number. Kata diorang, nombor tak siap lagi. What??? And you expect us to come again some other day. What laaa....

  2. Everyone in the school board PLUS the FRIM's big people give speeches, before the run..... another BAD IDEA. Please la. You can do it, when the race is over. Nak 20 orang kasi ucapan pun, go ahead.

  3. Warming up/Aerobics... do it like 5 minutes, at most 8 minutes only. Why? Most of us, the regular runners, would have done the warming up already, so no need so long la. And bila orang suruh berenti, berenti la. Boleh pulak the instructor tu refuse to stop. Kelakar, kelakar. And I heard, she actually had 4 songs. OMG!!!

  4. When you start a race, you flag off the category with the longest distance, accordingly followed by the rest of the categories. Baru la the winners sampai serentak. Ini ada pulak Angah with 3.5km only, pergi dulu. And mine yang 10km, the last one.

  5. For 10km, at least one water station is required. Ni yilek, nada, cero, takde. Dah la start lambat, bila dah start lambat dah tentu panas plus most of the route are uphill. Both of us were so dizzy towards the end, we decided to walk je. First aid pun takde kat atas tu.

Well, that's it la rasanya. Apa-apa pun, all of us survive the gruesome run. So organiser, next time, pergila masuk few events dulu, tengok cam ne orang lain organise. I think, you do not need five years to prepare for a small running event. A few months pun boleh.

Ok la. Next race - Adidas KOTR. C ya.

- Suriati Sanusi -

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