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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kuantan TC Run

Date: 21 October 2007
Venue: Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan

Anyone interested? Please forward the form to me before 10 September 2007.

T-shirts and more t-shirts

Should I print more SlowMovers t-shirt?

14 voters

12 people said YES
2 people said NO (including me, hahahaha)

So I guess I have no choice but to print more. But this time I only print upon request. Tak nak buat lebih-lebih, nanti I sendiri yang tanggung kos. So please place your order before 10th September 2007.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Subang Jaya 10k Run

Date: 26 August 2007
Time: 7.30am (10k) 7.45am (7 & 3k)
Venue: MPSJ Stadium
Runners: Chan, Alang, Me, Along, Nina and Cyfull
MIA: Estelle, Jaya (dimaafkan) and Angah & Family (not in the country)

Me and my Milo..yeahhhhh

One before the run

The Sanusi went with 2 cars. I brought Cyfull (a newbie) along. Chan came with his Jaguh as usual. Jaya skipped this one, but it's ok. He must be exhausted.

Chan, Alang and I were flagged off at 7.30am, and Along (7k) and Nina & Cyfull (3km) after that.

*Three races and still smiling? Respect la...

*Yeah, almost there

*Along, out of breath

Nombor berapa tu Along, tak nampak la..

I just arrived

*Kiri kanan Milo...

Nina and Cyfull arrived first. Five minutes later Chan arrived and got his third medal in two days (the only medalist for the day). Caya la Chan. Followed by Along, then Alang and of course, always the last sloth, me.

Along left early, sebab nak hantar Syikin balik Kuantan. So I have to send everybody home.

Btw, today is also Alang's 44th Bday. Happy Birthday Alang. Hope you enjoy your present.

If you look carefully, you'll see three jet fighter flying pass the stadium

Tak dapat medal, pegang pun jadi la

There was no water station for the 10k category which I think it's a total bummer. Luckily I brought my Excel bottle along with me.

Right, next race is on Sunday the 2nd of September. There are two races, the Klang Run (with finisher's medal) and the Shah Alam 10k Run. C ya there...

By Suriati Sanusi

*Pics courtesy of Mr Tey

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Larian Lebuh Raya 37 2007

The Medal (5th place)...

Sat.. 4.30 pm.. 25 August 2007.. Bkt Jalil.. KL..

A run for the Senior Citizens N children due to the 50th Merdeka celebration. Only those above 35 yrs old are allowed to participate together with primary school childrens. Myself N coach Jaya ran on behalf of Slow Movers. There wasn't many runners N ain't that fun n nice running in the evening.

The race began sharp at 4.30pm N we ran 2 loops around the MSN gate C entrance..out to the
Highway N back into gate C. Myself won a medal,finishing in 16:20 at 5th place N coach Jaya did well finishing at 3rd place in 15:34 . He won a medal + RM 25.00 .... Slow Movers naik podium lagi... Syabas Jaya !.

After the race met Ms.Julie N the gang. She missed the run due to the cab driver...sesat..n samapi lambat. Thank You for the info about this race. Uncle Jusmile too came late but still ran as a trainning for the run at Padang Timur.. PJ tomorrow. The prize giving ceremony only took place once after all have finish running which was about 6.20pm. Terima hadaiah N terus balik. Met Raymond of Pacesetter on the way back. Nice meeting U sir N Bye Bkt.Jalil...!

By Chanthiran

Merdeka Run 2007

Date: 25 August 2007
Time: 7.30am (7km), 7.45am (5km)
Venue: Tasik Bandar Permaisuri
Runners: Chan, Jaya, Javier, Me, Haieezan and Along.

*Maintain Chan..

*Javier, looking as cool as the rain

*Me, always with a smile

*Along, soaked...

It was raining before the race started. And it kept on raining till we reached the finishing line.

Well, finally I got to run in the rain. It was not as heavy as PD Run, according to Chan, but nevertheless, it was a great experience for me at least.

Everyone, except Along (5km), entered the 7km run. Javier was actually 10ms late, but as usual, managed to zoom by everyone else.

#Everyone's a winner including Dariana

#One more for good luck

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back

The first 100 runners will get a finisher's medal, and guess what, the sloths managed to get one, each.

Nothing much I can say about the organising committe. I guess it was ok.

Next race, Highway Run, is actually this afternoon but only Chan and Jaya are entering. So we have to wait for the report from one of them. And yes, there's another race tomorrow too, Subang Jaya 10k Run. Till tomorrow...

By Suriati Sanusi

#Pics courtesy of Dariana

*Pics courtesy of Mr Tey

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Memory - Penang Marathon 1986

The Certificate

The 1986 Mas International Penang Marathon is special to me because it is the only full marathon I completed.

I failed to finish two other marathons, ie the 1985 Mas International Penang Marathon (stopped at 25km) dan the KL International Marathon 1987 (stopped at40km - yes, another two km and I would have completed it, and still my most disappointing moment in a full marathon event).

Participating with two Maybank friends, Khairuddin and Woo, I completed the race in the six hours time limit by clocking 5 hours, 38 minutes and 20 seconds. As long as the time is before six hours, it's fine with me.

Cold start, hot finish! This is what I experienced at the marathon on the 7th September 1986. The race started at 6am and finished at 12 noon.

It rained heavily half an hour before the race and went on for about an hour after the start, whilst the sun was scorching when I arrived at the finish line at the Penang City Stadium.

After the disappointment of completing only 25km the previous year, i was determined to do much better this time. Strategy? Run 11km or more in the first hour, 10km the next hour, and use whatever physical and mental strength left for the rest of the race.

Tiredness began to creep in after the 25km mark. To keep on going, I used 'markers' - electric poles, phone booths, bus stops, people, anything I see in the distance - and run or walk when I reached them."I'll run until i reached the bus stop" or "I'll walk when I reached the old man," I kept on doing it until about 7km to the finish line. Checking my watch, I felt I could finish within the time limit. Despite the hot sun which at times felt unbearable, I still had enough energy to run all the way to the finish line.

How do I feel when I entered the stadium and run another 400 meters to the finish line? So happy, and I also felt like crying as I approached the finish line. Despite the pain, the agony and the suffering and the countless times my mind told me to quit, I soldiered on and I finally did it!

I also experienced a special moment at the finish line - the official garlanded the finishers medal on my neck. Maybe he appreciated the efforts of strugglers like me to finish the race no matter what.

The Unique Medal

Even the medal is unique, a 3-in-1. Besides being a medal, it is also a bottle cap opener and a key chain. But I never used it as a key chain or bottle cap opener because it is too precious, my hard earned medal.

I read recently in one of the bloggers blog that only one percent of the world population had completed a full marathon. Well, I'm one of them.

Will I run another full marathon? We'll see.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Sloth down.. I repeat.. Sloth down

I'm fine

Our youngest sloth has been admitted to the hospital for tonsil operation. We went and visited him tonight and he's doing good.

Akim and Nina

Drilled ear

The doctor did some operation on his tonsil and drilled both of his ears to get the excess water out. He lost 30% of his hearing prior to this operation. But he can hear fine now. In fact, he find his voice too loud for his hearing...

Busu sayang Akim

His ubat is makan ice-cream banyak-banyak. Bestnya la. Ok Akim, hope you get well soon. Nanti kita lari for Shah Alam run pulak ok.

By Suriati Sanusi

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nacscom Charity Run 2007

Date: 19 August 2007
Time: Sepatutnya 7.00am, tapi dekat pukul 9.00 baru start.
Venue: Padang depan Amcorp Mall
Distance: 5km
Runners: Angah, Me, Chan, Jaya, Izzat and a newbie, Sri.

* With fellow runners

We all arrived at 6.30am and thanks to Chan, nobody was there yet except for the aunties and uncles (organiser). So while waiting, we helped out a bit; carrying the hampers and goodies bags, susun the chairs. Ye la, nama pun charity run, so we do our part as a helpful citizen.

* On your mark, get set, goooooo.......

* Go Izzat go... far back, me and angah

Angah arrived

And the winners are....

We were whistled-off at almost 9.00am. Chan and Jaya pecut habis. Izzat was somewhere in between them and Angah and I.

As usual, I was the last sloth to arrive.. but guess what, I got 3rd place. Unbelievable? Believe it. And Angah got Second Place. Terrorist betul la kitorang. To Chan, you masuk 20 half-marathons pun belum tentu you boleh naik podium tau.

And for the rest of the guys, Chan-10, Jaya-11, Izzat-11, all medalists. For Sri, don't worry, there'll always be another race.

Medalist of the day + Mr Tey

And the runner-up goes to ... 'Sumaru' Ahmad Sanusi

Runner-Up Medal - Front

Runner-Up Medal - Back

Third Place goes to ... Suriati Ahmad Sanusi

Third Place Medal - Front

Third Place Medal - Back

Consolation Medal - Front

Consolation Medal - Back

We can't go back straight right after the race sebab ada couple of people have to go and get their prizes in front of everybody, so we have to wait until the end of the event. Iskh.. what a drag (berlagak ye ye berlagak hahahah)

We we given hampers, vouchers and medal. Caya la Angah. High five sekali..... yeah....

Well done SlowMovers

I have no complains on the organiser, memandangkan yang buat pun aunties and uncles. Tak kisah la kan. It was fun anyway.

Well, that's it from Nacscom. What a day. It is still an unsangkarable event for me.

So, till next Saturday (Merdeka Run) and Sunday (Subang Jaya Run). For Chan and Jaya, there's also Highway Run on Saturday afternoon. It's going to be a full weekend for us.

By Suriati Sanusi

* Pics courtesy of Mr Tey

ASJC 2007 - 21k run

Chan in Kangar...Perlis....OOi..the run is at Alor Setar...sesat keh?..

Plannig to drop by at the border..... after the run..!

checked in at Pau's Motel... Pekan Simpang Kuala, Alor Setar.... the day B4 the run...Not Bad..!!

Chan- using turbo towards the ends....followed by Mr.Kenny

A Pic wit the Organiser... Mr Chua N his friend

A snap wit Mr. Kenny N his friend..the Pacemakers.

The Medal...

Azhar,Chan N Fendy at Bernama Alor Setar, colleagues..

The Rep of Slow Movers at the Alor Setar Tower...

Fendy N Chan 2gether wit a parachutter....Menara Alor Setar

Chan in mano dia terlepas ni.... Bahaya....!!!

Chan wit Metra (Utusan reporter)... at Gua Kelam

Chan wit the ultimate Photographer...

The Gua Kelam...Fascinating!!!!...the longest limestone cave in the world...

Fri,17th August 2007. Alor setar Kedah....

The Alor Setar Jogging Club (ASJC) held their 24th anuual run. N myself was the sole rep of the Slow Movers as the others were jsut to busy...Took the Transnasional night bus staright to Perlis ...reached there thursday morning..met my colleague, Mr. Effendy...orang kuat Perlis...had my shower in Bernam Inn ..n off to Alor Setar ...Had diff to find the Reg place in Pengkalan Kedah the bib n the vest ...found Pau's Motel to hop in for the nite as it was the nearest to the startin point.... the ASJ club in taman Bee-Bee, Pekan Simpang Kuala.

Everythin is done..N ready for the run.. we head back to Kangar as fendy has some assignment...well he is the best Photographer in Town.......met a friend... Mr.Metra , a reporter from Utusan... Had dinner with him..then hopp in at fendy's hse...collected his stuffs n back to Pau's Motel....called of the day..!..ZZzzzzzzz!!!!

6.00 am.. .. went down was drizzlin..jogged to the startin point which was 500 m away from the motel... It was very the dark ....Black Out...sioot..! registered N did some warm was to like Internal affair as not many outside runners took about 6.20 am..'s bright..tq Tnb..6.30 am.. 3..2..1 the race starts..Ran in a slower pace than usual as this in my 4th half marathon back to back n just don't wanna push to much...slow n steady..Basically the 21 km route was a straight flat road expect for the hilly Tok Pasai Brigde at about km 11 in Kuala Kedah n it was a wet run it was drizzlin all the way thru....Made a U turn after the bridge..n ran about 10 km more towards the end. Met the Mr Kenny Tan of Pacemakers at about Km10... chit chat...while running. Nice talkin to u Mr Kenny... finsihed the run in 1:50:20 at the position of 17...wah berpadanan dgn tarikh ...! What else..collected the finisher medal N...minum Milolah...snapped some pics wit kenny, Mr Chua.. the Organiser...etc.. The best cameraman were there to snap the pics...Lepak 4 a while..back to Motel...! Running is Fun...!

Had shower...called Mr Azhar, the colleague from Bernam Alor Setar... set a b/fast date with him...on the way to Jln stadium. dropped by at the Alor setar tower...manage to watch some Parachutters doing some stunts...jumpin from the tower..the were about 20 jumpers.. an event in conjuction with the 50th Merdeka Day. Met Mr Kassim, the Bernama photograper, the best in A.Setar..snapped some pic n staright to Bernama off... took Azhar for a makan...left Kedah..
balik ke Kangar...

IN Kangar fetched Metra...n yeah Padang Besar..Had one of the best Tom Yam in perlis..Masuk Border....tak guna passport pun..kan fendy tu orangnya popular..just spent a few hours in Thailand...did some shopin...Jaya kirim the latest MU jersey... but couldn't find any...belum stock lah...!!Keluar Border...fendy did his border pass at the imegresen.. then we went to the longest limestone cave in the World..the Gua was awesome..superb...beautiful...coolin...ain't got no words....just terpesona..Walk thru the cave while snappin pics..had a great time...!

kinda of tiring...Fendy left me Perlis Bernama he had some guest from KL to entertain. Just lepak..watched a few movies in HBO...the Rocketman... the family Stone...Death tunnel...Had my Shower..n off i go to the the Bus Station. Took the 11.oo pm Eltabina Express..Kangar-Alor setar-KL...reached at 6.2o am..Sat morning....Bye Perlis N Kedah..!!

Special Thanks to Effendy, Metra, Azhar, Mr Kassim N Cik Asma for their hospitality.Thank You..It makes life nicer n sweeter with friends like this around..!!

Next run would be the Nascomm Jogathon at Padang Timur PJ... C u N Bye!!

By Chan