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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jelajah KSN Run 2008

Date: 12 July 2008
Time: 7ish (I think)
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium
Distance: 6km only (as if....)
Runners: Along, Angah, Izzat, Me, Fairul, Chan, Fuzahir, Haieezan, Hasif, Javier (and a few more, I don't remember their names, but you know who you are)

Different venue, different kind of route. At first I thought this is going to be an easy breezy run, 6km only what.... Unfortunately it does not go that way.

The first half was ok, same ole kind of route ... hills, long winding road, the usual. And then came the second half.

First - stairs, few steps only, kacang la. Surprisingly the next one was a brigde, you know the kind where you cross the streets with. Still ok. After crossing the road, water station with 100 plus.... ahh nice (iklan sikit). Then up the stairs again, but this time more steps and a bit tinggi also. Then run up the hill, this part already tercungap sikit but still can do. I reached this taman where one of the officials waiting for us there to guide, told us "Up the stairs and down the hill, you will reach the stadium. Only one kilometre left". Sounds simple isn't it? YEAH RIGHT!!!!

This is the best part. Zig zaging up a stair which was about five stories high (and I'm not exagerating). Rasa cam nak mampus. Haieezan punya lidah dah sampai ke tanah dah. I was dizzy half way up. Nasib baik tak pengsan. And that is not the end.

When he said "down the hill" memang down habis. Kalau tersadung kaki, memang rolling la ke bawah. Siap ada sorang runner tu, terlajak, terpaksa pusing balik.

As we went down, we were getting nearer to the stadium and then to the finishing line. Phew! Not bad for a 6km run. I think only the girls je yang dapat medal. Then seperti biasala, milo, pictures, lepaks, more pictures, milo some more and go home.

So next race will be Adidas King Of the Road, for me that is. I'm off for paintball camp next week. Until then, this is Suriati Sanusi, signing out.

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