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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Genting Trailblazer 2008

Date: 2 November 2008
Time: 8.45am (yieshhh, why la so late)
Teams: Along & Nina, Angah & Alang, Izzat & Halil, Me & Fairul
Distance: 14km up and down the jungle of Genting

Achik and family plus fairul and I, took the package with room, so we stayed overnight at Awana from Saturday. Malas la, nak kelam kabut tomorrow morningnya.

So the next morning, the rest of the people plus Sarah and Iylia came around 7.00am. Took their goodies bag and changed in my room.

Oh ya, Syikin decided to chicken out, so ganti ngan Izzat. Izzat and Halil are in the mixed team, so don’t know which is which.

Along and Nina were flaged-off first, followed by the rest of us about 10 minutes later. My partner and I jogged slowly around the golf course before we entered the forest … even that was difficult.

Mind you it rained the night before and the jungle floor was very slippery. Tanah liat all the way. Angah, Alang, Nina and Izzat wore the normal running shoe …. apa lagi, slip sliding away la gamaknya. My team, having kasut foong kiong on our side, dashed our way down the hill. Jauh jugak la kitorang tinggalkan diorang. Advantage babe ….

First half of the race were great, but the next half……. OMG!! Killer!!!! But fortunately for us, we did the same distance last year, so it’s a matter of taking it easy the whole race. But for the rest of the family, they did only 8km last year….. rasakan la…. Hahahahahah.

Only one water station provided, itu pun the last 2km. Oh ya, speaking about water, I got very angry with my partner. Tau nape? He brought 2 water bottles, tapi dua2 letak air energy….ceh, tak sedap langsung. Letak la air kosong satu botol, ni sampai I terhaus sekejap. I was so upset with him, I decided to give him the cold shoulder. Nasib baik dah dekat nak sampai the stream. Sampai je, terus minum air. Rupa2nya my partner buang air dari satu botol tu, isi air sungai tu. Bijak jugak dia..heheheh.

Interesting happenings (gathered from everyone):-

  • I was slapped. Yes people, I got slapped from one of the participants. Not on purpose though. She slipped … her hands went flailing away … I was behind her …. and PEK!! …. yeah, you know the rest. Got the shock of life.

  • One annoying guy behind us, kept instructing his partner on what to do. “Ha, kaki kiri, kanan, pegang pokok tu, letak kaki cam ni.” Ayo, kalau partner tu can keep up, tak kisah la buat cam tu, ni I tengok dah macam tak gerak dah ruponyo.

  • According to Alang, Angah almost cried. Her exact words were “Nak nangis dah ni”. Hahahah. Tu la, rasakan buat 14km.


  • I got scratches on my hands, almost got bitten by lintah tapi managed to tepis and yeah… the unforgettable slap.

  • Angah got one big lebam on her arm, due to tersepit with the tali.

  • But the champion is Nina la. Habis kaki, tangan dia penuh dengan scratches. “Menyesal masuk” she said in disgust.

The last 200m is the most interesting stretch. Obstacle course. Slightly different from last year…. lagi gile. Ade ke panjat the kayu and then jump inside the muddy water. Gile, susah budget ooo. Mau terseliuh kaki.

And so, my team arrived first (3hr 30mins), followed by team Halil & Izzat (unsangkarable), Angah & Alang next and finally Mama & Nina.

Sampai, milo dah habis. Tapi mee goreng, telur sandwiches ada lagi. Ok la, lapar and sejuk ooo lepas tu.

Ok la, that’s it from Genting. Next couple of weeks, we will be in Penang for Penang Bridge Marathon. Sayonara.

By Suriati Sanusi

P/S: Oh ya I heard, a couple of people did not go to work on Monday. Tau sape? Nina and Fairul. Badan kejang siol. Hahahahaha.

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