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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Eastern 30k Run

Date: 20 January 2008
Time: 6.00am (30k) 6.30am (20k)
Venue: Taman Tasek Perdana - Sri Hartamas - Taman Tasek Perdana
Runners: Chan, Fuzahir and Alang (30k); Along, Angah, Kak Fida, Adam and myself (20k)

After a long rest, some of the sloths are back in action. The 30k flagged off first and then the rest of the members.

This is the most hilly run for me so far. I can't imagine what the 30k have to go thru, memandangkan diorang ikut the Mizuno route first. Killer.....

Stuff happened:-

  1. Along fell down tapi lepas tu pecut tak ingat punya, siap sampai dulu. Agaknya adrenalin malu has took over her;
  2. Masa Angah took over me, I saw her face, mak aiii... merah menyala. I thought she would collapsed due to out of breath;
  3. Along pitam right after crossing the finishing line. Terus masuk medic tent. Nasib baik dah crossed the line. Tu la, lari laju sangat;
  4. Alang's right nipple chafed, siap berdarah lagi. Got pic on that, check it out. So Alang, lepas ni you have to either wear a bra or tampal plaster 'X' on it.

After 4 hours and 50mins, Alang pun sampai. Respect la Alang. Tak kisah la if you jalan most of the time, janji sampai. Yata!!!! You completed the 30km run.

After completed the race, we registered for KLIM, Cross Country and Towerthon. I am proud to say that, all of us are going for 21km. Improvement. Yeah SlowMovers, Move It....

Balik pekena Kentucky, tukar selera pulak. Asyik McD je. After makan, everyone pun balik and I suspected everyone mesti pengsan punya lepas tu. Myself pun slept for 5 hours. Nasib baik tak keje.

Next race is on the beginning of February, the Towerthon.

By Suriati Sanusi

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