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Monday, February 25, 2008

Veteran Run 2008

Date: 24 February 2008
Time: 7.00am
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium

Opposite attracts... especially if you cross dress. Halil proved it by being chosen the best dressed male in the fancy dress football event - by wearing a very sexy green nightie.

Despite reluctantly wearing it at first and looking a bit embarrassed, he began to enjoy himself as soon as the wolf whistles and cat calls started. The opponents also found him to be a'distraction', especially during the penalty kicks, when he intentionally show them his so called 'assets' behind the goal.

Anyway it was all done in good humourand everyone enjoyed themselves, whether as a player or spectator. Halil got a trophy for the best dressedmale and a runner-up medal in the football event.

For the Slowmovers, the Asean Veteran Sports Carnival 2008 is one of the rare occasions where every sloth brought home a medal. Along and Angah were placed 12th and 13th respectively in the women's 5km race category, Chan and Fuzahir in the men's category while myself and Along in the fancy dress football, me dressed in pyjamas and Along in a flowing nightie.

Along and Chan also tried their luck in the track medley event. Chan ran the 200m leg while Along the 400m leg. Chan's turbo lasted less than 100m, while Along tried and failed miserably to relive her glory days in track events in the 70's. Chan and Fuzahir also took part in the 4X400m men's relay, and both proved they are more comfortable running in road races.

Anyway, we will be back in action in the KL International Marathon 2008 at the end of March. Until then, cheerio and train hard everyone!

By Shahrizal Sanusi

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Merentas Desa 2008

Date: 17 February 2008
Time: 7.40am, 7.45am & 7.50am
Venue: Taman Tasik Perdana
Distance: 8km & 6km
Runners: Fairul, Alang, Halil, Chan, Fuzahir, Izzat, Zakirin & Friend, Along, Angah, Rafidah and Me.

This morning, The Sanusi clan was there but Kakcik tak lari. Saje teman Iylia je.

The race started off with the A category and then the rest.


  • Chan had a fever but still came and got a medal, bukan cam Jaya, langsung tak datang...;
  • The route was not as bad as last year;
  • The women SlowMovers each got a medal ... none for the boys (except Chan). Try cross dressing next year try, maybe can get a medal; and
  • Saw this one school girl, talking to herself... LOUDLY. Man, I think the heat has gotten into her head already.

After the race, minum milo (yeahhhhh....) and lepak-lepak for a while.

Next week, a race for the veterans. I might not go for the next circuit training, sebab nak tengok these veterans run in the 4x1 category. Hahahah.. sure funny punya. Okla bye.

By Suriati Sanusi

Monday, February 04, 2008

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008

Date: 3 February 2008
Time: Varies from 8.00am to 9.45am
Venue: KL Tower la, where else
Runners: Fairul, Halil, Along, Angah, Rafidah, Izzat, Ibadurrahman, Zakirin and the media - Shahrizal for Metro; Chan, Jaya, Hasif and myself for Bernama.

For this event most of us are running for the media's category.

The route senang je, lari dari parking kat bawah dekat ngan The Weld tu sampai la kat observation deck kat atas KL Tower tu ha. Ikut tangga tau, bukan lift ya. Up up and away.......

Interesting stuff:-

  1. Media ran with the OKU category. So kira Chan untung la, lari dua category dalam satu la, hahhah sorry Chan, gurau je;
  2. Media tak start run lagi, Fairul who ran at 8.00am, dah turun bawah dengan lenggang kangkungnya. Ceh, kurang ajar;
  3. Climbing the stairs was not hard, the hard part was not to be able to breathe properly due to lack of ventilation in there. Dah rasa cam Darth Vader pulak;
  4. Dah la tangga tu sempit, ada pulak some runners ni, agaknya penat sangat, bergantung pada railing.... DUA-DUA BELAH PULAK TU. Cam ne kita nak potong dia? Kang marah kang, takde semangat kesukanan pulak.
  5. Seeing people crawling, sitting down and stopping for air (udara ye, bukan air) memang potong stim. We are so fired up, bila tengok diorang cam tu, terus rasa "susah sangat ke ha?????"
  6. As soon as I reached the finishing line, one school girl terus collapsed, pengsan. Ramai cameramen ambil gambar dia. Elok pulak dia pengsan betul2 kat finishing line tu. Pandai betul dia budget.
  7. Ingat sampai kat atas, boleh la tengok scenery. Sekali, kabus daaa... Apa pun tak nampak. Buat ponek den jo naik tanggo sampa kek ateh.
  8. Media Men Category, Chan was the 2nd runner up, congrats;
  9. For Media Women Category, Bernama pulun habis. Yours truly pun dapat no tiga tau, cam tak percaya je.

Congratulation to all the winners:-

  • Chan - 2nd runner up
  • Jaya - 4th (dapat jugak RM300 ye)
  • Hasif - 5th
  • Maznah - 1st
  • Lizawati - 2nd
  • MEEEEE -3rd
  • Noraini - 4th

Well done BERNAMA. Sape2 agak nak menang, kenala keje ngan media supaya next year ada dapat peluang..hahahah. Jangan tak tau, Bernama News (Prima) and Berita Bernama (Ria) malam tadi (Vannavil and AEC, tak tau pulak) carried my winning story, hahahaha lawak lawak.

C yaaaaa....

By Suriati Sanusi