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Monday, December 31, 2007

Runners - Great Eastern 30km Run

And they are:-


  1. Chanthiran
  2. Shahrizal


  1. Javier Clavelo
  2. Fairul
  3. Adam
  4. Suraiyah
  5. Sumarni
  6. Suriati

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007 - 21.1 km + Batam...

Ms Jean from Pj...Piano tutor.. one day travel mate...nice meetin u...
The Journey to S'pore ...Faizal kecewa...???....

Bib n vest collection.....
to the Hotel...
Slowmovers nite life... Orchard road...Merry Xmas...
In action....Rocki'n S'pore..
with Mr Oscar of Brazil... Hello sir...(left)
Running mates....
Su's Cousin Bro n the wife.. Selamat berjumpa N Thank You ...
to Batam.. Indonesia...

life in Batam..
Batam di waktu Soreh....(senja)..

Sun 2 Dec 2007, Fullerton Road...

Myself, Su N Faizal the photograper.... were all set to rock Singapore.. took the night train on friday night...boked the bunker....nak tidoleh...met Ms Jean..a piano tutor cum insurance...
The train moved sharp at 2200 hrs from KL Sentral...chit-chat n went to bed...woke up after a while looked at my watch's 4.00 am....yeah.. we r half way..thru... What..!!! the train ain't long??.. where r we...?!! Seremban..!!!!!What happened...? Some of the coaches from a goods train derailed n we were stranded for about 6 hrs. Stopped at Woodlands for Imgresen check N reached Singapore at 2.00 pm. Met our colleague Mr.Agus..
Thank You very much...!!

Straight off to Suntec City Convention Centre to collect the vest N Bibs...(25393).. Had our lunch there...masakan Thai food...checked in at Harbour Ville at Kampung Bahru road..Bus 143 ..Lepak at Orchard road...the happenin street...!!back at 0030 hrs. Next morning ...hired a cab...head to fullerton road...the Full Marathon already been gunnnnned off...! 6:15 am... the half Marathon was gunned off....the wheather was fine n so do the organiser.. it was superbly organised...the water stations, toilets, distance markers, was nice to run but to couldn't move easily....I ran in steady slow pace... just don't wanna push too hard...( long lasting knee prob)...finished at 299/5299 in 1:52:40.
One more medal for the collection. Met Javier N the wife N Mr Oscar... 6 times Marathon finisher from Brazil...Nice to meet u sir...

Lost the other two teman... cari till about an hour... baru jumpa... wooi u guys pi mana ni...puas ku cari... made me do 30k redi..walkin for an hour...met our regular running mates from KL...Took a cab back to the Hotel..Checked out...Met Su's cousin n his wife..Nice berjumpa dgn Abang N Kak N Thank You... Straight head to Harbour Front....Nak ke mana tu..? .. Nak berlibur.. kat.. Batam ...Boarded the Penguin 7 ferry to Sekupang, Batam which is about 45 mins... naik a cab to Nagoya city ...checked in at Standard Hotel. It has developed a lot from my last visit at 2001. lots shoppin Malls N hotels.. here n there. Don't ever miss the massage...!!! one of the best in SEA... Spent a day.. took the ferry from Batam Setualang ,JB...Back to Malaysia.... Bye Singapore N Indonesia...!!!

By Chanthiran

12th Master road run - 4.5 km + wedd...

The Medal ( 5th Placing)

Cousin sis's Wedding...Congrat's..

Sun, 25th Nov 2007- Bkt Jalil...KL...

The Senior Master Association organised yet another run for the Veteran above 35 years old. A lot of Pro's came to take part. Myself went with Fuzahir N met Makcik over there. We three were the rep of SlowMovers.

The race starts sharp at 8.00 am. We have to run around the stadium twice. I ran in a slower pace cos i have consumed some alcohol the day b4 so ..I was a kind of Ok tak Ok... faham2 saja ya...
Finished 5th at the timing 0f 15.xx.Left just after the race cos had to attend my Cousin Sis's wedding at the Mariamman Temple in KL.... Thats all for now. Next would be the Singapore Marathon. Bye ...!!!

By Chanthiran

KRI 12 km run -Ipoh

dinner with off colleague...Mr Rasid
B4 the race....

in action... Mr Charles from Belgium...
daughter n mum...
4 the album...

at Tambun inn..

Sun 18th Nov, 2007 Sultan Abdul Aziz Polo Club, Ipoh...

After a long festive Break...(thanithon)...myself was back for another run with the SlowMovers.. the KRI 12 k run.Reached Ipoh at the noon of Sat with Su,Fairul,Sheikh the Uncle Sawan N Izaat the Blur Boy...Collected our Bibs at the Ipoh Int School. ..n Checked in at Tambun Inn. Had our lunch in Taman Kanak-kanak n did some Shoppin at Ipoh Parade. Met Mr Rasid Lamak (bernama colleague) who took us to the famous Mee Rebus nearby Tanjung Rambutan. TQ Mr.Rasid! Javier n Charles the Belgian(Newbie) met us late in the evening followed by Makcik,Kakak ,Abang n ilya... Welcome to Malaysia n Slowmovers.. Mr Charles...! The SlowMovers r ready to Rock Ipoh...Ilya who is only 9 would be doing 12 k too...WOW....cayalah..! Had teh tarik at 1.00 am in Greentown.

Nex Morning up at 5.15 usual...this n that.... n jogged to the venue which was about 1 km away. The race started sharp at 7.00 am. The weather was nice..the road wasn't that hilly .. n it was nice to run but just that I wore a new shoe...I was suppose to break it's virgin earlier..but too busy with thanithon.. so.. faham-faham aje...blister...N kaki bergeser-geser..

Javier came in at 27th in Categoy D in about 54.xx n myself at 33th in about 55.xx. Charles came in 22nd in category C in about 56.xx. Ilya too managed to finish the race despite the bleeding nose accompanied by the mum. Syabas Ilya! N too all the SlowMovers... !!

The Lady Luck was with the SlowMovers in Ipoh cos 40% of the runners walked away with some lucky draws. Javier won some glasses, Fairul won a hamper followed by the daughter n mum won a printer each. Congrats to all !!. The Slowmovers Rocked at the KRI Ipoh Run.
Checked out, had lunch at the Bus Terminal n Bye to Ipoh...!
By Chanthiran

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Genting Trailblazer 2007

Date: 11 November 2007
Time: 8.30am (14km) 8.35am (8km)
Venue: Awana Genting, Pahang
Runners: Suriati & Fairul (Wild), Angah & Alang (Mild) and Along & Halil (Mild)

View from Awana

O Wow!!! What can I say about this race. It's totally different from what I've been thru.


2.00pm - We were at Genting Highlands. Saje lepak-lepak kat atas first, still too early for registration. Best jugak naik atas hari ni, banyak kabus, sejuk dia rasa cam kat Europe dah.

3.30pm - Fairul and I took the room package and we arrived in Awana a day before everyone else. Ada clinic and briefing at 4.30pm. Stayed over for the night and had dinner there, and prepared ourselves mentally. 14km running in the jungle... not an easy task btw.

The Wild Ones

The Mild Ones


7.00am - The Mild Veteran teams came plus few more people, namely Nina, Achik, Akim, Izzat and Iylia. Got their numbers pinned, and off we went to the starting line. We were all dressed cam muslimah already, pasal takut pacat. Siap ada yang spray badan guna Baygon cam spray perfume dah rupanya.

7.40am -At the starting point, dengar briefing and some light exercises courtesy of Fitness First. Izzat had to run back and forth to the hotel pasal tertinggal camera and tak reti2 bukak pintu hotel. Apa la awak ni Izzat...

8.30am - Bang!! The gun went off and Fairul & I jogged slowly. We've never done anything like this before so we took it easy. Kang pancit tengah-tengah hutan kang, sape nak tolong. Dah la kitorang ni first timer. Then at 8.35am - The Mild category was flagged off.

Ni berkelah ke, trailblazing nihh...

Cool huh you guys.....

Help me!!

We are the Kings of the Hills

Reversing,... *tit.. *tit.. *tittt

Oii!!! Faster laaa..!!!

Hup 2, 3, 4.....

Ada few incidents I just have to jot down:-

  • Masa kat starting line, I had a look around and I saw this one chinese lady wearing jeans and kasut cam ballerina yang pergi jalan tu. And believe it or not, she's in the Wild category. Dia ingat pergi jalan-jalan ke apa dalam hutan tu.

  • While running down somewhere in the jungle, I think baru 1 or 1.5 km, Naresh and Guna (they were in the Mild category) went zooommmm pass us. Mak aii... not only they can run fast on the road, but I think they are faster in the jungle la. We cheered for them, and of course, they managed to get No. 1 in their category. Congrats you guys and thanks for the voucher you gave me Naresh. Love yaa....

  • Ada this one guy, long pony-tailed hair, made this one big leap from behind me. Terror la dia. Dah macam lompat pagar dah rupanya. Nasib baik tak tercucuk kayu yang terpacak kat depan tu.

  • While we were trying to slide down this steep and slippery hill, ada this one malay lady, mak aii... irritatingnyaaaaaaaaaaaa...... I think dia ni entered this run with her company kot. Sebabnya, every two seconds mesti dia terpekik-pekik panggil Mr. Teh. Tapi I tengok dia punya bib, dalam kategory MW, so tak mungkin Mr. Teh (I suspect boss dia kot) ni partner dia. Dia kat bawah, Mr Teh ni, I agak la, ada kat atas lagi kot. Kejap-kejap, 'Mr Teh, cepat Mr. Teh', 'Mr. Teh, turun je Mr Teh', 'Mr. Teh tak kisah la Mr. Teh', 'Mr. Teh faster Mr. Teh'......and so on. This guy behind me said, 'Wah, so kiasu la that lady'. Memang pun. I dah tercarik-carik kayu and batu nak baling kat dia dah masa tu. Nasib baik Fairul buat lawak masa tu, sempat tergelak jugak la I.

  • I think tak sampai 1 minute after the encounter of the lady from planet "Kipas Mr Teh", ada pulak minah lembik kat belakang I terjerit-jerit. Sebabnya, ummpph... terlalu banyak. Antaranya, aaaa... takut turun bukit, aaaa.... tangan sakit...., aaaa... bukit licin...., aaa...... akak jangan tinggalkan saya, aaa.....jangan tolak, aaa... kaki sakit, aaa.... itu, aaa... ini.... Helloooooo, dah tau masuk race cam ni, be prepared for the worse the babe. Ni tak, asyik complain je. Kang I give you a reason to shout and cry about kang haaa......

  • Ada this one kakak, after much of sliding, seluar dia koyak kat punggung. Ada two big holes behind her. Nampak panties putih dia. Sian I tengok. Memula dia suruh partner dia pinned it up. Tapi tak boleh jugak. Last sekali I dengar, dia suruh partner dia (who is a guy) bukak seluar lari dia and change seluar ngan that kakak.

Fairul and I pantang nampak air, mesti nak main punya. Sampai kat stream, lagi lama kitorang kat situ. Si Fairul sempat mandi lagi..hahahha. The Mild category tak lalu kat situ, so korang tak tau la. Best giler... air dia sejuk ya amat. And we also saw this huge tall tree, I think it's about a few hundred years old la.

I don't know whether we were fast or Along & Halil were slow but we managed to catch up at the junction.


Arghhh.... we made it....

11.25am - We finally reached the finishing line after almost 3 hours in the jungle. We got No. 40. Ok la. Janji tak last. That's our motto. For first-timers and terus masuk Wild, it's quite impressive jugak kitorang made it without breaking any bones.

Angah and Alang made in 2 hours and 15 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong) and got No. 19. Rupanya Izzat pun ikut sekali berlari ngan diorang. Along & Halil who clocked in like 10 minutes behind us pun dapat No. 22. Nampak sangat category korang ni kurang team.

So at the end, we all went back to the hotel. Sampai kat lobby, nak naik ke 22nd floor pun kena beratur. Alang, Halil and Izzat decided to climb the stairs. Kira cam diorang buat wild jugak la. Izzat lepas sampai kat atas, tetiba kaki dia sakit gile babi, siap nangis lagi... Apa la Izzat, tak macho langsung. By 1.30pm, we left the hotel and headed straight back to KL.

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back

Group Photo

I would like to thank the organiser, very good. They provided shower too. And also to kasut Fung Keong, best woo.... RM20 only but as good as any other trailblazer shoes (thanks Jaya for the tip).

Ok. That's it from Genting. Next week, KRI Run.......

By Suriati Sanusi