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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T-Shirt OK?

The votes are in and the result is....

Do you like the T-Shirt?

9 voters

8 said Yes
1 said OK la

Meaning the t-shirt is a success. Well done Fairul and myself. Marilah kita angkat bakul bersama-sama.. hahahaha

Monday, July 30, 2007

Melaka Historical Run 2007

Date: 29/7/2007
Venue: Stadium Tun Fatimah Melaka
Time: 7.00am (21.1km), 7.10am (10km), 7.20am (5km)
Runners: Chan, Javier, Su (half-marathon), Angah, Herbert (10k) and Izzat (5k)
Menyibuk: Nina (hahaha....)

SlowMovers with our T-shirt at Culture Village .. makan

At clock tower and fountain

Chan and I arrived on Friday, to get hotel. And thanks to me, we got a good hotel, City Theme Hotel. Way way better than Milo and very near to the stadium (about 1.5km). The rest of the geng arrived on Saturday. Javier and Herbert stayed at Casa Cuba.

Chan warming up

Yeah Angah...

Chan and I jogged to the stadium at 6.00am. Angah and family left half and hour later, naik kereta (apa la, tak macho langsung).

The 21km was flagged-off at 7.00am. Ten minutes later, 10k and then the 5k.

Izzat tengah tengok awek sambil berlari

Angah arrived with a smile

The Presidente and Mr Salsa, side by side

A pose before crossing the finishing line

Ha... PM Tey, selalu amik gambar orang, ambik gambar dia pulak

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back (Su's medal)

Chan, Javier, Angah and I are medalists. Herbert, a first-time runner, did not manage to make it into the top 100. Izzat pun sama, sebab kategori dia ramai sangat budak sekolah. It's ok you guys. We are SlowMovers. There will always be a next time.

At Casa Cuba

Later after the run, we all went to Casa Cuba. It is an old colonial house. Reminds me a lot of St. Mary's School. Nice and cosy place. There are paintings of Cuban artists, cigar room and some other things. Cool stuff.

SlowMovers plus guests

That's it from Melaka. I would also like to thank our guests Gaspar and Mina for coming along. Hope to see you guys running in the next event.

Next run... this Sunday....Adidas King of the Road. C ya....

By Suriati Sanusi

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Terry Fox 2007

Got this email from Julie. What do you guys think? Shall we do it?

Hi, Hope your group can mark Nov 4, 2007 to participate in the Terry Fox Run at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. This is a charity run similar to Jacob's Walk. Last year T-Shirts were sold at RM 25.00 and RM 30.00 respectively. All participants are encourage to put on the shirt during the run. For more info, please check out the website below.

Warmest regards
Julie Wong

By Sumarni Sanusi

Monday, July 23, 2007

Chan as President?

Should Chan still be the President? Dia terror gile la.


11 voters

7 (63%) said yes

4 (36%) said no

The people has voted, they still want Chan to be the President, at least for another year. Congrats Chan and please aa.... next time buat booking hotel, pastikan hotel tu HOTEL, bukannya rumah tumpangan. Sekian, terima kasih.

KL10k Run 2007

Date: 22 July 2007
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Taman Melawati
Runners: Chan, Jaya, Su, Javier, Rama, Along, Angah, Alang, Adam, Agus, Estelle and Piyush.

One before the run

Right... sorry for the delay, cause I've been caught up reading the lastest and final book from the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not gonna tell you how it ends...

Our Indonesian SlowMover, Agus, who brought a friend along, Piyush Patel from the States, came down (or is it up??) from Singapore and joined us for the run. Fairul came too, although he was not running, he took some pictures. Kira our unoffical cameraman la.

I'm on the move ... slowly

Along and Angah... posing is a must

Agus and Alang.. the Indon and Italian (ye ke?)

Anyways.... after changing directions at the starting line for a couple of times, the run finally started at 7.30am.

The Backstreet Boys

The Spice Girls

Medal - Front

Medal - Back

Guess what, it is not a 10k run after all, was about 6k to 7k only. So by 8.30am, everyone has arrived. And to put icing on the cake, everyone got a medal. Yeah......

The SlowMovers

I can't say this was the worst organiser so far, but there are some things that they could improve on. You know, basic stuff like luggage station, toilets, which direction should we start... you know, the usual. At least they have water at the water station. Now that's good enough for me.

That's it for this event. Next, Melaka Historical Run....

By Suriati Sanusi

Saturday, July 21, 2007

SlowMovers T-shirt

Hey you guys, our t-shirts are ready. Selling for RM25 per piece. I have one M, one L and 2 XL left.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Runners - PJ Half Marathon 2007


The Hardcore (21km)

  1. Chanthiran
  2. Shahrizal

The Average (10km)

  1. Fairul
  2. Jayabalan
  3. Mohd Ezha (newbie)
  4. Adam Saleh
  5. Izzat
  6. Sumarni
  7. Asfarina
  8. Estelle
  9. Suriati

The Elderly (5km)

  1. Rafidah
  2. Suraiyah

The Fun Ones (3km)

  1. Sarah
  2. Iylia
  3. Halil Azman
  4. Suzaida
  5. Akim

Nampaknya gayanya cam The Sanusi's event lagi. Btw numbers and t-shirts collection - 9/8/07 (Thursday). Please give me a copy of your ic.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Runners - Melaka Half Marathon 2007


The Hardcores (21km)

  1. Chanthiran
  2. Suriati

The Veteran (10km)

  1. Sumarni

The Boy (5km)

  1. Izzat

T-shirts and Numbers collection are at Melaka. I'll give them to you guys there ok.

Suriati Sanusi

Runners - SJ10km Run 2007

Presenting ...

The Not-So-Young Guys

  1. Jayabalan
  2. Chanthiran
  3. Shahrizal

The Not-So-Young Girls

  1. Suriati
  2. Estelle Looi

The Old Girls (7km)

  1. Suraiyah
  2. Sumarni

The Boy (7km)

  1. Izzat

The Penakut and a Girl (3km)

  1. Nina
  2. Iylia

Collection date - 23/08/07 (Thursday). Get your IC, photostated.

Runners - Adidas King Of The Road

Presenting ......

The Crazy Ones (21km)

  1. Chanthiran
  2. Fuzahir
  3. Shahrizal
  4. Suriati

The Average Ones (10km)

  1. Sheikh Faidzel (consider newbie sebab tak pernah lari lagi)
  2. Jayabalan
  3. Mohd Rafik (newbie)
  4. Estelle Looi
  5. Elly Van Dalen (newbie)
  6. Javier
  7. Adam Salleh
  8. Fairul

The Old Ones (7km)

  1. Suraiyah
  2. Sumarni

The Kid (5km)

  1. Mohd Izzat

Collection date - 03/08/07 (Friday).

Runners - KL10k 2007

Presenting ....

  1. Javier Clavelo Robinson
  2. Chanthiran Sivaperuman
  3. Jayabalan Venugopal
  4. Estelle Looi Mei Lin
  5. Suriati Ahmad Sanusi
  6. Adam Salleh
  7. Shahrizal Ahmad Sanusi
  8. Suraiyah Ahmad Sanusi
  9. Sumarni Ahmad Sanusi

T-shirts and Numbers will only be distributed on Saturday (21/7/07). So I have no idea how to give those to you guys. Thank you.

Suriati Sanusi

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seremban Half Marathon 2007

Date: 15 July 2007
Time: 6.45am (Chan sorang je 21km), the rest 7.20am (11km).
Runners: Ibu, Izzat, Busu, Chan, Jaya and Edmond.
MIA: The Thing

Off we go ...

We, Chan, Jaya and I, left Bernama around 2.30pm. Chan la lambat, nak makan la, buat backup la. Cam pompuan la Chan.
Hotel Milo??!!.. hm..... you can thank Chan for this

We reached the hotel around 3.30pm. Discovered the hotel's name is Hotel Milo. Ni la dia padah kalau suruh si Chan buat reservation for accommodation. The hotel is so freaky, when we checked-in, we saw a few men queing for god knows what. Tu la, biasa sangat duduk rumah tumpangan si Chan ni. The only good thing about the hotel is that it's in a walking distance to the field.

We had beer .... rootbeer

We had beer as a treat for ourselves. Nahh... we had rootbeer at A&W. Ok what Chan, although it's not the real thing, but it feels like it kan??? Tengok gambar la, Chan mata tertutup, Jaya mata dah kuyu and I couldn't stop smiling.

Hai, biasala.. mesti posing

Chan, crossing the Women 21km category finishing line

Jaya, that's my finishing line la...

Me, jumping for joy ... and it's not even my category

Don't know why, but after we had our 'beer', we went coo-coo. Went to the field where the finishing lines are, and started taking pics. Konon-konon kita sampai dulu la, tapi instead we crossed the wrong finishing line. Ambik gambar beria-ia, tapi salah. Apala...
Slowmovers, getting ready
Woke up around 5.00am, left the hotel around 6.00am. No breakfast, jogged straight to the field. Handed-in our reporting cards and then we sent Chan to the starting line.

6.45am, Chan just left the starting line, Good Luck Chan

Running with smiles...

O please god, just let me finish the race...

Exactly at 6.45am, Chan was flagged-off. At 7.20am Angah and I pulak. Then Jaya, Edmond and Izzat. Oh yes, by the way, I changed my category from 21km to 11km. NOT because I chickened out, but I was adviced by the Coach so that I won't stressed myself. It's a good thing too because I was having that time of the month and I wasn't feeling great. Err... too much info....

The Slowmovers

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back (Chan punya tukar 11 jadi 21 kay...)

At the end of the race, everybody except Izzat got a, errr, medal (?!). I can't say it's a medal because it doesn't have that ribbon to put it around our neck. Or does it still call a medal even without the ribbon? I don't know, help..... somebody please clarify this for me.

Izzat dikecualikan because he's actually running in the men open (11km) 18 and above category. Dia punya category (9km) dah habis nombor that's why he's running with the older boys. Sampai pun dah kira bagus dah. Tu pun dia dah macam nak pengsan, pucat lesi muka dia. Anyway kita kan slowmovers. The slower the better.

And on that matter, I rasa Chan kena turun takhta sebagai el presidente because he did great for his 21km. He managed to finish it under 2 hours, 1h54m to be exact. Hello we are slowmovers, and as a president you have to show that you are as slow as us. Or better still, slower. I would like to nominate Nina as the President because so far she's the slowest. Amacam? Hahahahahaha......

Registering for Melaka Half Marathon

We, Angah, Izzat, Chan and myself, sempat register for Melaka Half Marathon. Anyway, there's no 10km run for Men and Women Open and Jaya still not ready for 21km. So Jaya tak masuk. Angah 10km and Izzat 7km I think.

Before we leave ....


We had breakfast immediately after run sebab Izzat dah terhuyung-hayang dah. Steady la Izzat....

Eiii.. buruk lantak betul si Chan ni la

Checked-out at 11.00am. Angah and family terus balik KL, and we the Fantastic Three pergi makan somewhere along the highway and then to Bernama.

Hip hip horey for Angah and family sebab sempat turun Seremban for the run walaupun dah last minit. Baru la slowmovers namanya. Congrats Chan for doing 21km under 2hours. Welcome back Edmond after a long while. And Jaya, err, thanks for being our driver.

Next run, KL10k at Taman Melawati, this Sunday.

By Suriati Sanusi

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Siemens Run 2007

Date: 08.07.2007
Time: 7.35am (10km) 7.40am (7km) 7.50am (5km)
Runners: Along, Angah, Alang, Busu, Chan, Jaya, Javier, Izzat, Kak Ida, Fuzahir, Ibdurrahman and bro (sorry la, tak ingat nama).
MIA: Estelle and sorang lagi kawan Izzat.

At luggage

Posing dulu

Muka bosan

Along and Kak Ida

Javier and friend

Who else..

Group photos

Amboi banyaknya amek gambar berdua

Chan and our junior slowmovers

Another group photo

Our young medalist

Ida and the boys
Best organiser so far. Every 3km there's a water station. Sampai ada satu stesen (untuk yang lari 10km je ok) ada pisang. Memula ingat diorang buat lawak ke apa, rupanya betul la dia bagi pisang.

Selalu lari dehydrated, today lari perut kembung dengan air. People at the water station even cheered for us, best.

Today Chan, Javier and kawan Izzat si Rahman tu dapat medal. I'm not sure pulak about Jaya. Anyway, congrats boys (termasuk boy tua).

By Suriati Sanusi