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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adidas King Of The Road 2008

EVENT: Shah Alam King Of The Road Run 2008
VENUE: Dataran Shah Alam
START: 6.55am for half marathon, followed by other categories
RUNNERS: The Sanusi family, Chan, Fuzahir, Javier, Estelle, the Bernama Gang (you know who you are)

I will always remember the Shah Alam Adidas King Of The Road (KOTR) 2008 last Sunday for it's WALL.E factor. Not the Pixar animated movie, but it's about:

W - water! water! water!

The lack of water almost dehydrated me. The water stations were inadequate and not spread out evenly; one at less than 5km, another at almost halfway (and that too you have to gulp from the bottle and put it back again on the table for runners behind you), and the last at less than 2km from the finishing line.

At one point I was so thirsty I readied my empty water bottle to scoop water from the basin at the sponging station, but it was dry too!So the next best thing was to suck the sponges (I think I took four) and man, was it tasty! I also placed a sponge at the back of my neck for cooling purposes, but later sucked the salty water!The organisers could learn something from the RMAF about providing adequate water and sponging stations.

A - armpit and groin area chaffed. Chaffing at the armpit area is a first for me, while the stinging pain at the groin and butt is just outside the vaseline lathed area. Next time must remember to widen the vaseline area.

L - limped and walked mostly for the last 4km because of cramps, first the left calf and then the right. Asked the volunteers at the sponging stations for ice but there were none, so I used the sponges instead.

L - learned my lesson.. train harder and watch your weight! My mileage reduced greatly after RMAF and I was also five kilograms heavier. The effects showed, especially after the halfway mark.

E - exhausted, really really exhausted! Have never felt this tired and sore since the Great Eastern 30km last January.Anyway me, my siblings and fellow Slowmovers all made it to the finishing line. I failed to repeat last year's medal winning performance, but Along and Angah (thru Along's persuasion talents) managed to get medals after the race.

Finally (as a promo!) please watch our montage taken by our cycling handycamerawoman, Suriati. Runningmom Haza, you're in it too (albeit for a few seconds).

By Shahrizal Sanusi


1km gurl said...

barulah best ada video... next2 video, tggu kemunculan 1km gurl... i'll be back in action (tp x tau bila)... kehkeh...

Ara Boy said...

yup...agak creative...and good. Just that the movements are fast...Slowmovers Boleh....!

Anonymous said... best! Very creative. Rasa macam masuk TV plak...thanks!

fyrul said...

what an amazing & jaw dropping montage!!!
kudos to our handycamerawoman for the effort on making the montage.

my comment for this event.. AIR!! AIR!!! AIR!!!!!
takde air mcm mana mau lari.. kaki pon dah sakit2.. nak lari sakit, jln pon sakit, nasib baik tak balik naik motor...