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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sloth down.. I repeat.. Sloth down

I'm fine

Our youngest sloth has been admitted to the hospital for tonsil operation. We went and visited him tonight and he's doing good.

Akim and Nina

Drilled ear

The doctor did some operation on his tonsil and drilled both of his ears to get the excess water out. He lost 30% of his hearing prior to this operation. But he can hear fine now. In fact, he find his voice too loud for his hearing...

Busu sayang Akim

His ubat is makan ice-cream banyak-banyak. Bestnya la. Ok Akim, hope you get well soon. Nanti kita lari for Shah Alam run pulak ok.

By Suriati Sanusi

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fyrul said...

get well soon akim!!..
mkn ubat(ice cream) byk2 tau..