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Sunday, August 12, 2007

PJ Half-Marathon 2007

Date: 12 August 2007
Time: 6.30am (21k), 6.45am (10k), 6.50am (5k), 7.00am (3km)
Venue: Stadium Kelana Jaya
Runners: Chan, Alang, Rama, Rostely, Fairul, Jaya, Ezha, Izzat, Angah, Nina, Estelle, Me, Rafidah, Along, Syikin, Yaya, Sarah, Iylia, Halil, Achik and cute little Akim. (Green = The Sanusi)
MIA: Adam (mana pergi la, missed two races already...)

Today is a very historical event. One, the whole Sanusi clan is down (except Mak & Pak). Two, it's the SlowMovers 1st Anniversary running event and we have all the pioneer runners running (Chan, Me, Rostely, Fairul, Along, Nina, Syikin and Yaya). I'm proud to say that we have improved a lot since, three out of 8 have already done half-marathon tau. And Three, we celebrated my bday at the stadium.. yehaaa.....

The Sanusi went with four cars. Alang and Chan flagged off first. Then the 10k, afterwards 5k and the last one 3km.

Achik, Uncle Halil and Hakim - red circle

The Sanusi plus Estelle and Fairul

Orang gileeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............

* Ha, bagus la tu, Mr Tey ambil gambar Izzat....

... Izzat ambil gambar Mr Tey

The 3k, 5k and 10k arrived first. Tahun ni Syikin pulak yang mengecewakan. Dah sampai stadium tapi tak pusing. Yaya improved. Biar lambat janji habis. Tak bukak nombor pun kira bagus jugak Yaya.

While waiting for the 21k sloths to finish, we took some pics..... (some ke, banyak jugak wooo. Sampai tak boleh letak semua.)

* Chan, everything's good.....

Rostely, smilling as usual

Alang, at the pintu masuk stadium

Last corner Alang, sikit lagi...

Finally........ phew

Among the 21k sloths, Chan sampai dulu, then Rama (Rama, anggaplah diri you, one of the SlowMovers already), Rostely and the most awaited one, Alang. Caya la Alang. Back to back 21k. Chan and Rama tak payah cerita la. Diorang dah memang terrorists. Suruh lari 21k lagi pun boleh agaknya.

The Medal - Front (Chan's)

The Medal - Back

Only two people got medal; who else Chan (65th) and Rama (127th). Their secret of success... they are Indian. Betul!!!

It's my bday, tiup tiup....

Then we had a small bday bash, for me, at the stadium. Thanks everybody for the cake.

The Sanusi + Chan + Fairul+ Rafidah = The SlowMovers.. yeahhhhhhhhh

That's all from Stadium Kelana Jaya. Hopefully next year we'll be here again. Anyway, it's The SlowMovers annual running event, so memang kena masuk la.

Next week, ada a few events where the Sloths will go to several places. Chan will go to Alor Setar on Friday, Fuzahir maybe going to Terengganu on Friday then straight down to Kuantan. Chan said there's Nascom run on Sunday at PJ. If it's on, I'm going for that.

Ok la, till next race... adios amigos

By Suriati Sanusi

(*) Pics courtesy of Mr Tey, tq


Anonymous said...

Wah, it's unbelievable you can get everyone in the family into running! That's so cool! Been trying to persuade my bros but till now no response. :-(

Anyway, now I know I've met with Shah and seen Suriati a few times at races. Sis Sumarni and Chan, nice chatting with you after PJ Half.

And you're not slow's a misnomer, really.

See you all in future races and happy running!

sumarni said...

Haza, welcome to the slowmovers blog. Actually wasn't sure I was talking to runningmom at the PJ run. Nampak kecik sikit compared to your picture la!
Congrats for completing the Penang Bridge Marathon. Me? Dunno when nak start half marathon, full marathon takyah cerita lagi le.
Anyway nice chatting with you too. I will be away for the next few races, Mizuno Wave Run will be my last run b4 puasa. C U there!

Evil Angel said...

Hey running mom. Thanks for the comment. Ni tinggal nak masukkan Mak & Pak je lagi and also the in-laws. I saw you, btw you are in great shape. Wish i'm small-built like you. Ni nak bawak punggung je sikit punya payah la.

fyrul said...

izzat's & mr tey's pics look very funny laaa...
mr tey posing pun cool jer :D

Julie said...

Wow! I love this blog ~~ its so ALIVE and bright!

The Slowmovers is getting larger in size and more like a mini united nation. Well done! I really must take my hat off and salute you guys.

If our politicians can put aside their differences and stop all those racial sentiment like you guys, our 50th Merdeka Celebration shall be a Once In a Lifetime Event. Bravo, Slowmovers and keep up this great job.

When you take politic out of Sport, the end result is UNITY. The Slowmovers has proven this.