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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King Of The Road

Date: 5 August 2007
Time: 6.45am (21km), 7.00am (10km), 7.15am (7km) & 7.30am (5km)
Venue: In front of Sunway Pyramid
Runners: Chan, Fuzahir, Alang, Me, Jaya, Javier, Estelle, Fairul, Along, Angah & Izzat
MIA: Sheikh (spt biasa la), Rafik, Elly & Adam

Alang in the 21k kandang .... again, after 20 years

Yes ladies, you are in the 40's zone.... we know

And her next attempt... lompat pagar

Cinderella and her stepsisters

We arrived at 6.10am, Alang and I went to the 21km kandang. Saw Chan, Fuzahir, Rama as well. Along, Angah and the rest lambat start, so diorang lepak first.

Datuk Sri Samy Vellu flagged us off at 6.45am and let us use the NPE for three hours, toll free. Very kind aaaa datuk.

Estelle, Javier, Jaya and Fairul started at 7.00am; Along and Angah at 7.15am and finally at 7.30am, Izzat pulak.

Izzat, posing for the camera

Run Angah.. run

Javier breezing along

Is someone taking my pic?

Uncle Jasmile with his unmistakable trademark, blue turban.

The SlowMovers minus 3 (sebab tak sampai lagi..hahah)

Of course the 5k, 7k and 10k finished first. And then came Chan. The other 3 makhluk kena tunggu la ye, sebab kitakan SlowMovers.

Eh, is that Alang???

Yes, it's Alang...

Alang, checking his timing

Alang arrived with his timing of 2hrs 34m. Not bad la Alang after 20 years. I think it's because of your seluar tights baru tu la. Nasib baik vest tu panjang...

Me, escorted by the NPE officer

Yeah, the last one to arrive.. and proud of it

The Medal - Front (mine)

The Medal - Back

Of course, as usual, the last would be me. But this time I had a grand finish. The last two kilometers, I was escorted by an NPE officer up to the finishing line. Not because I was too tired or struggling, but because I was actually the LAST person on the road. The rest, who were behind me, they either took the van, ambulance or the bike. Bailed out la kiranya.

I can't blame them. The weather was too hot, there were no clouds and no trees along the highway. Only a crazy person would continue running in that condition (I la tu...).

Upon arrival, everybody was clapping. Terasa cam star pulak sekejap. The feeling is like the first person to arrive. Ye la tu first, first from behind la...

SlowMovers with Mr Khoo Chong Beng

The SlowMovers without Estelle (amoi dah balik dulu la..)

Medalists for today are Chan, Fuzahir, Javier, Alang, Izzat and believe it or not, me. Jaya tak pasti. Angah missed sikit sangat, no 51. Izzat got the last medal no 200. The rest, takpe, ada banyak lagi larian lain. If you really want a for-sure-medal-run, try 21k or 42k. Ada berani???

The organiser was great. For the 21km route, there were enough water at the water stations, the sponging station had ice cold water, very the appreciate one, especially in that kind of weather. And I for one, really appreciate that you guys actually waited for me to finish.. hahaha. Thanks you guys.

Right, that's all I think. Next race, this Sunday, PJ Half Marathon... The Sanusi is back.

By Suriati Sanusi


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Su,

You might be the last racer to touched the finishing line but there are, really, a few first about it.
One: You are the first newscaster in Malaysia to complete a half marathon.
Two: You are the first newscaster in Malaysia in take part in grueling two half marathon in less than a month (that's Malacca and Adidas run).
Three: You are the first newscaster in Malaysia to finished last in a half marathon.

So, there you! He...he...he...he

Fellow runner,

Angah said...

Actually the 7km n 5km runners were flagged off together (7.20am) by the YB but facing opposite direction. D 7km runners started the run in front of Sunway Pyramid, run 1km and den make a u turn and join the 5km runners route. And btw, caption of pix should read cinderella and her fairy godsisters!

Evil Angel said...

Hey Rama, tq for your sweet comment (more like ngutuk je). Would we see you at PJ Half Marathon? It's going to be my bday the day before, so there'll be cakes. Join us, if you don't mind.