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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nacscom Charity Run 2007

Date: 19 August 2007
Time: Sepatutnya 7.00am, tapi dekat pukul 9.00 baru start.
Venue: Padang depan Amcorp Mall
Distance: 5km
Runners: Angah, Me, Chan, Jaya, Izzat and a newbie, Sri.

* With fellow runners

We all arrived at 6.30am and thanks to Chan, nobody was there yet except for the aunties and uncles (organiser). So while waiting, we helped out a bit; carrying the hampers and goodies bags, susun the chairs. Ye la, nama pun charity run, so we do our part as a helpful citizen.

* On your mark, get set, goooooo.......

* Go Izzat go... far back, me and angah

Angah arrived

And the winners are....

We were whistled-off at almost 9.00am. Chan and Jaya pecut habis. Izzat was somewhere in between them and Angah and I.

As usual, I was the last sloth to arrive.. but guess what, I got 3rd place. Unbelievable? Believe it. And Angah got Second Place. Terrorist betul la kitorang. To Chan, you masuk 20 half-marathons pun belum tentu you boleh naik podium tau.

And for the rest of the guys, Chan-10, Jaya-11, Izzat-11, all medalists. For Sri, don't worry, there'll always be another race.

Medalist of the day + Mr Tey

And the runner-up goes to ... 'Sumaru' Ahmad Sanusi

Runner-Up Medal - Front

Runner-Up Medal - Back

Third Place goes to ... Suriati Ahmad Sanusi

Third Place Medal - Front

Third Place Medal - Back

Consolation Medal - Front

Consolation Medal - Back

We can't go back straight right after the race sebab ada couple of people have to go and get their prizes in front of everybody, so we have to wait until the end of the event. Iskh.. what a drag (berlagak ye ye berlagak hahahah)

We we given hampers, vouchers and medal. Caya la Angah. High five sekali..... yeah....

Well done SlowMovers

I have no complains on the organiser, memandangkan yang buat pun aunties and uncles. Tak kisah la kan. It was fun anyway.

Well, that's it from Nacscom. What a day. It is still an unsangkarable event for me.

So, till next Saturday (Merdeka Run) and Sunday (Subang Jaya Run). For Chan and Jaya, there's also Highway Run on Saturday afternoon. It's going to be a full weekend for us.

By Suriati Sanusi

* Pics courtesy of Mr Tey

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fyrul said...

congratulations to all of you, especially teh podium finishers, su & angah!
tak sangka ekk bleh menang..
hahaha.. ni berkat tolong angkat hamper laaa nii.. :D
well done!!