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Monday, March 05, 2007

UM- Larian Gemilang Rakan Muda 2007

Sun, March 04, 2007

A run which The Slow Movers got to know in last minute N most of us were undecided
as it was to close to the Smart Run. Myself too wasn't sure of going..till my alarm rang at 5.00 am.
Woke up....felt pegi ajalah.... Reached at 6.00 am ..registered....tapi menyesal ..Y?

The Run only started at about 8.45 am....dah pane siut...macam -camlah ..speech by A,B,C..lagu x.y.z ..etc
Lari 2 km saja ..tekak dah kering...Dah tada mood.... I think it wasn't 10 km cos I manage to finish it in 50 mins...Medals were given to top 40 runners...N guess what ..I got NO 41...Sayang satu kali sayang..just missed by seconds... takpe..menang..kalah..bisa saja's all apart of the game...

Collected the goodies and the Cert N left at about 11.00 am. Byeeeeeee. Next would B the Smart Tunnel run. C U there... VIVA Slow Movers!!!

By Chanbai

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