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Monday, March 12, 2007

Smart Tunnel 2007

part of the Slow Movers

zahir , chan N azhar

chan N su

Sun, March 11, 2007

It a kinda of new run for the Slow Movers as it would be in a tunnel. As usual the regulars and three new
members turned up for the carnival. It's a 13.5 km Run and 75th annivesary for Jabatan Pengairan and Saliran. As usual the race started at about 7.30 am , officiate by the Minister. Ran about 1 km on the road, entered the Smart Tunnel and ran 6 km two way fro and finally 0.5 km on the road before reaching the finishing line. Never thought I could be one of the medalist compare to the number of competitors.....lamai mali loh...hampir 1500 olang..utk men open category shj. Finished the race in about 1:12:43.

Su was also one of the medalist in the women open. She,Makcik,Abang,Kakak,Azhar,Zahir and the other members ran basically in a desert like environment as there were no water at the water stations..OH boy......bayangkanlah...13,5 km without a sip of H2O....apa dah jadi....poor mgmt?. I met them after the race...semuanya letih nak mampus....nak bangun ambik gambar pun..tak larat..siot....Lepak sekejap....N ...Adios.

Next run would be the Kuala Lumpur International Run..(KLIM) on the 18th March 2007..
...C U....

By Chanbai

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