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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cross-country POAWPKL 2007

Sun..Feb 25 ,07... Lake Garden

The Slow Movers r a bigger team ..for the 22nd X-country. The first
for all the members. Kinda of tiring cos had to run on slippery roads, staircase, up hills, cross the widest river N drain in KL..etc. Manage to finish the race in about 45 mins. Not a good run actually but not bad.
Su and her two sibblings manage to get the finisher medals. The Slow Movers are improving in every run.
Keep it up !!!

We have two more new members - from the Accounts dept of Bernama (Mr.Azhar and Mr.Fuzahir) .
Welcome the club.

Ok folks... C U at the next race ..the SMART TUNNEL run.

By Chanbai

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