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Monday, September 18, 2006

Putrajaya International Marathon 2006

Date: 10 September 2006
Time: 7.45 am
Place: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Team mate: Rostely and Chan
Distance: 7km

I was there since 5.30am. Why? Besides parking, I was also assigned by Bernama to cover this story. First time, must show good impression to the boss.

I was there with Rostely. We saw the 42km runners flagged off at 6am. Then the 21km at 6.30am. Then lepak. Chan arrived around 7am.

At 7.20 we were called to our pen. While waiting, suddenly the announcer said "Here comes the first contestant for the 21km men category". What??? We have not left the pen and there's a winner already? Whoa, I have to run faster la like this. If not, tak dapat nak interview that fellow.

The winner is from Kenya. He managed to finish the race at 1 hour and 9 minutes. I interviewed him later, and he said this was not his best run. Huh? He could have done even better than that? Amazing babe.... tapi tengok la body dia. No fats... just flesh and bone.

We (the 7km runners .. iksh) were flagged off at exactly at 7.45am. I finished the race in 55 minutes. Have to run fast la, nak interview winners. But like the rest of the runners comments, Putrajaya was hot and the ground was hard like cement. Bad for legs I tell you. I even injured my left knees while going down the hill. But not bad. Still can run next week.

Oh yeah. As for my job, I was able to interview few champion runners like 21km women (UK), 10km women veteran (US), 42km women (China), 42km men (Thailand) and of course our national marathon runner Shaharudin (fifth place).

Next week, Mizuno Run.

By Suriati Sanusi

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