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Monday, September 18, 2006

Merdeka Run 2006

Date: 27 August 2006
Time: 7.30 am
Place: Dataran Merdeka
Distance: 4.4 km (eleh kacang je ni)
Team mates: Along, Alang (my bro), Rostely, Jaya & Chan (tapi tak jumpa these two boys).

Rostely and I went very early (by now, you guys should know why already... parking babe). Along and Alang came a little bit later, naik LRT. Tried calling the two boys, tapi tak dapat pulak. They did not bring their handphone.

Today's Alang's first tryout and running for our group. After hearing Along braging about her medal in MPAJ run, Alang wants to show his skill. Unpolished skill, if i may add. Ye lah, when was the last time he ran for a competition? I guess this is ok, only 4.4km, tak pengsan punya.

By 7.30am, everybody was in front of Sultan Abu Samad building. Aiseh, drizzling pulak. Hmm... running in the rain la jawabnya. Few minutes later, the horn blows.

At the end, the best part about this run is, cucuk the Bendera Malaysia with coloured pins according to the colour of Bendera Malaysia. Four of us, Alang and Rostely, Along and I, were so engrossed doing it. By this time, Chan and Jaya have already left. We did not manage to meet them, but they gave me a call after the run. Alang almost got a car for lucky draw, but due to some technicality, the surname was mistakenly written (sebenornya, memang tak menang pun, coincidently nama sama... hehehe).

Right, that's it. Next run, Putrajaya International Marathon. Adios...

By Suriati Sanusi

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