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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wild Wild Run 2009

EVENT: The Wild Wild Run 2009
VENUE: Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur
DATE: 8th March 2009
RUNNERS: Along, Angah, Alang, Izzat, Iylia and Javier

THE big bad wolf must have been eyeing Along at the Wild Wild Run 2009 at Zoo Negara last Sunday. Instead of puffing and huffing at the three little pigs' hut like it normally does, it decided to choose Along as it's new target, possibly because of Along's meaty build.

Along told us she suddenly wobbled and fell like a sack of potatoes while running the second of the four lap race, with Angah as her witness. Maybe the bad wolf was in the bushes and waiting for the right time to pounce on her, and Along swore she felt a gush of wind just before rolling to the ground. Luckily her aging bones wasn't damaged in the process.

She got up, smiled sheepishly and looked around for the bad wolf, but it was nowhere to be found. Perhaps it got scared and fled when the lions in the nearby enclosure suddenly roared (or maybe laughed at Along).

Fairytales aside, it was an enjoyable run for the Slowmovers. The route was basically flat, and we also get to see lots of animals during the run. This is also a run where aromatherapy (in the form of the animals' dung) is made available to the runners for the whole duration of the race.

As usual Javier was the first Slowmover to finish the 9.2km race in a time of 40 minutes, coming in 18th in the overall men's category. Eleven year old Iylia later arrived with her time of 54 minutes and 17th placing in the overall women's category (distance 7.35km).

Izzat finished in 58 minutes (87th), Along in 59 minutes (26th), Angah in one hour (29th) and finally me in 66 minutes and 93rd placing.

Javier also introduced us to an Ironman from Slovakia, Miroslav Blanarik and his German friend, Nicole Hauffe. Miroslav finished the recent Langkawi Ironman in 11 hours plus. He had that typical triathlete build - tall, lean body with a six pack.

After the race, we had the normal chit chat with fellow runners and the photo session. After the prize giving ceremony, we walked around the zoo to see more animals before leaving and having our breakfast at the McDonalds nearby.

One more thing, I realized my bib number (C323 or 'see tree to tree') is really meant for a jungle run...

By Shahrizal Sanusi

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