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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009

EVENT: KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009
DATE: 1st March 2009
VENUE: Menara Kuala Lumpur
PARTICIPANTS: Along, Alang, Halil, Fairul, Izzat, Javier, Chan and the Bernama gang
SUPPORTERS: Acik, Nina, Iylia and Hannah

"LOOK, up in the KL Tower! He's a Cuban, he's a journalist, he's Javier!" Showing his Superman-like ability to 'reach the top of a tall building in a single bound', Javier Clavelo Robinson emerged champion in the media men's category at the KL Towerthon 2009.

His triumph (plus cash prize of RM1,000) brought joy and pride not only to Bernama, but also the Slowmovers because it's the first time a member of the group became champion in an individual category.

Last year Chanthiran finished third in the same category but hampered by a leg injury, he failed to defend his position this year. Never mind Chan, it's the participation that counts, right?

Among the Slowmovers, Halil the Hustler is the most improved, slashing about 20 minutes from last year's timing of 80 minutes. Sure you're not on steroids for this event, bro? He he, just kidding.

Fairul the triathlete wannabe also improved by four minutes to clock 25 minutes. Me and Along went downhill, both of us finishing several minutes slower than last year's timing. The tell tale sign of old age? Hmmmmm...

This year the Harian Metro newspaper team were represented by me, Rama and Halim (men) and Ayu, Sue and Nini for the ladies media category. All of them performed admirably for a first timer. Good showing guys and gals!

A new category (celebrities) was created this year as an attraction for the event. Comedian Yasin emerged champion, completing the 2,058 steps in 25 minutes.

I also met and chatted with Nezz, who used to be active in the local running circuit until about two years ago. She's part of the main Technical Committee and also head of the Results and Winners' Committee (all this mentioned in her blog).

She also studied at the same school as my office mate, who recognized her immediately when I showed him her blog. I took a picture with her as proof to my office mate that I really did meet her.

We left after chatting with many friends and watching the prize giving ceremony, with the biggest cheers reserved for Javier. Next event for us will be the Wild Wild Run at Zoo Negara this weekend. We might have a picnic there after the event.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

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