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Monday, September 03, 2007

Shah Alam 10k Run 2007

Date: 2 September 2007

Time: 6.55am (A&B), 7.05am (C&D), 7ish (the rest)
Venue: MBSA Square
Distance: 10k (A, B, C, D & F) 3k (Family/Fun Run)
Runners: The Sanusi (Along, Angah, Alang, Achik, Me, Nina, Izzat, Iylia, Halil and Akim), Fairul and Cyfull.

Another article on us....

Before the race, tapi the A&B dah lepas dah

While Jaya and Chan went to Klang for the NB Klang Pacers 12km run (heleh, sebab ada finisher's medal je tu), the rest of the sloths (who have guts) came here.

The whole Sanusi clan is back in action today for yet another event. Today Iylia dipinjamkan ke family Achik, sebab nak cukupkan quota for the family category.

The A & B was flagged off first, then the C & D, after that the F and lastly the family category.

Sip slowly Izzat, said Alang

One more medal for me

The much awaited sloths.... 1 km girl and boy

I survived.... phew

Happy 24th Bday Nina .... coklat je la ye, kek takde

This is how the sloths melepaking

And the hills at Bukit Tunku.....


I never thought that Shah Alam would be this hilly. Not as hilly as Mizuno but boleh tahan jugak la. Hills dia jauh-jauh cam tu.

The first one to arrive is Fairul and he berjaya memotong Achik and family to the finishing line.

Achik and family arrived then but with emotional encounters. Achik and Iylia quarreled all the way, sampai Achik pressure la. Achik and Iylia dah sampai dulu, tapi the whole family has to cross the finishing line in order to get medal. Tapi apa kan daya, Akim and dad ada technical difficulties pulak. Akim datang angin malas dia so the father has to carry him. Ingat Akim ringan ke Kim. They missed by one place, no 21. Kalau tak mesti medalists punya diorang. Tapi ok la guys, you all survived.....

Alang beat me at the last kilometer. Followed by Izzat, Ibu and Along.

But the hype of the event is none other then the One Kilometer Duo, Nina and Cyfull. Bayangkan, Alang baru lari like 5 minutes dah boleh potong diorang. Camne korang lari, huh? Bukan saja Alang .... Izzat, Ibu and Mama pun boleh potong diorang. I tell you, they are the true Sloths. But, seslow Nina pun still a medalist tau. So pengajaran untuk Cyfull, don't run with Nina, hahahahh....

All the girls except Achik and Iylia, medalists. None for the boys but it's ok. Boleh dapat next week.

The Sloths after the race

With my car ... (as if...)

The Medal

Side A....

... Side B

Today is also Nina's Bday. So we celebrated her bday at McD Jalan Pahang. Ok, sempena bday awak ni, tolong la buat azam baru... jadi 1.5KM girl pulak, boleh?

Organiser is good. For 10k route, siap ada sponging station.

That's it from Shah Alam. Next week, the much awaited Mizuno Wave Run.. eiiiii takut...

By Suriati Sanusi


fyrul said...

tak sangka plak shah alam ni berbukit-bukit... jauh plak tu mendaki nya..

BTW, it's was a good run event, well organized. i managed to clock 1hr for 10km. i guess, ok laa kot..

waiting for the next run, the very challenging one, Mizuno Wave run.. hahaha

p.s.: happy birthday nina! and thanks Angah for the nice sovenir from London!

Abu Soffian said...

Cool....people who run have a positive self-image.