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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seremban Half Marathon 2007

Date: 15 July 2007
Time: 6.45am (Chan sorang je 21km), the rest 7.20am (11km).
Runners: Ibu, Izzat, Busu, Chan, Jaya and Edmond.
MIA: The Thing

Off we go ...

We, Chan, Jaya and I, left Bernama around 2.30pm. Chan la lambat, nak makan la, buat backup la. Cam pompuan la Chan.
Hotel Milo??!!.. hm..... you can thank Chan for this

We reached the hotel around 3.30pm. Discovered the hotel's name is Hotel Milo. Ni la dia padah kalau suruh si Chan buat reservation for accommodation. The hotel is so freaky, when we checked-in, we saw a few men queing for god knows what. Tu la, biasa sangat duduk rumah tumpangan si Chan ni. The only good thing about the hotel is that it's in a walking distance to the field.

We had beer .... rootbeer

We had beer as a treat for ourselves. Nahh... we had rootbeer at A&W. Ok what Chan, although it's not the real thing, but it feels like it kan??? Tengok gambar la, Chan mata tertutup, Jaya mata dah kuyu and I couldn't stop smiling.

Hai, biasala.. mesti posing

Chan, crossing the Women 21km category finishing line

Jaya, that's my finishing line la...

Me, jumping for joy ... and it's not even my category

Don't know why, but after we had our 'beer', we went coo-coo. Went to the field where the finishing lines are, and started taking pics. Konon-konon kita sampai dulu la, tapi instead we crossed the wrong finishing line. Ambik gambar beria-ia, tapi salah. Apala...
Slowmovers, getting ready
Woke up around 5.00am, left the hotel around 6.00am. No breakfast, jogged straight to the field. Handed-in our reporting cards and then we sent Chan to the starting line.

6.45am, Chan just left the starting line, Good Luck Chan

Running with smiles...

O please god, just let me finish the race...

Exactly at 6.45am, Chan was flagged-off. At 7.20am Angah and I pulak. Then Jaya, Edmond and Izzat. Oh yes, by the way, I changed my category from 21km to 11km. NOT because I chickened out, but I was adviced by the Coach so that I won't stressed myself. It's a good thing too because I was having that time of the month and I wasn't feeling great. Err... too much info....

The Slowmovers

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back (Chan punya tukar 11 jadi 21 kay...)

At the end of the race, everybody except Izzat got a, errr, medal (?!). I can't say it's a medal because it doesn't have that ribbon to put it around our neck. Or does it still call a medal even without the ribbon? I don't know, help..... somebody please clarify this for me.

Izzat dikecualikan because he's actually running in the men open (11km) 18 and above category. Dia punya category (9km) dah habis nombor that's why he's running with the older boys. Sampai pun dah kira bagus dah. Tu pun dia dah macam nak pengsan, pucat lesi muka dia. Anyway kita kan slowmovers. The slower the better.

And on that matter, I rasa Chan kena turun takhta sebagai el presidente because he did great for his 21km. He managed to finish it under 2 hours, 1h54m to be exact. Hello we are slowmovers, and as a president you have to show that you are as slow as us. Or better still, slower. I would like to nominate Nina as the President because so far she's the slowest. Amacam? Hahahahahaha......

Registering for Melaka Half Marathon

We, Angah, Izzat, Chan and myself, sempat register for Melaka Half Marathon. Anyway, there's no 10km run for Men and Women Open and Jaya still not ready for 21km. So Jaya tak masuk. Angah 10km and Izzat 7km I think.

Before we leave ....


We had breakfast immediately after run sebab Izzat dah terhuyung-hayang dah. Steady la Izzat....

Eiii.. buruk lantak betul si Chan ni la

Checked-out at 11.00am. Angah and family terus balik KL, and we the Fantastic Three pergi makan somewhere along the highway and then to Bernama.

Hip hip horey for Angah and family sebab sempat turun Seremban for the run walaupun dah last minit. Baru la slowmovers namanya. Congrats Chan for doing 21km under 2hours. Welcome back Edmond after a long while. And Jaya, err, thanks for being our driver.

Next run, KL10k at Taman Melawati, this Sunday.

By Suriati Sanusi

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