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Monday, July 30, 2007

Melaka Historical Run 2007

Date: 29/7/2007
Venue: Stadium Tun Fatimah Melaka
Time: 7.00am (21.1km), 7.10am (10km), 7.20am (5km)
Runners: Chan, Javier, Su (half-marathon), Angah, Herbert (10k) and Izzat (5k)
Menyibuk: Nina (hahaha....)

SlowMovers with our T-shirt at Culture Village .. makan

At clock tower and fountain

Chan and I arrived on Friday, to get hotel. And thanks to me, we got a good hotel, City Theme Hotel. Way way better than Milo and very near to the stadium (about 1.5km). The rest of the geng arrived on Saturday. Javier and Herbert stayed at Casa Cuba.

Chan warming up

Yeah Angah...

Chan and I jogged to the stadium at 6.00am. Angah and family left half and hour later, naik kereta (apa la, tak macho langsung).

The 21km was flagged-off at 7.00am. Ten minutes later, 10k and then the 5k.

Izzat tengah tengok awek sambil berlari

Angah arrived with a smile

The Presidente and Mr Salsa, side by side

A pose before crossing the finishing line

Ha... PM Tey, selalu amik gambar orang, ambik gambar dia pulak

The Medal - Front

The Medal - Back (Su's medal)

Chan, Javier, Angah and I are medalists. Herbert, a first-time runner, did not manage to make it into the top 100. Izzat pun sama, sebab kategori dia ramai sangat budak sekolah. It's ok you guys. We are SlowMovers. There will always be a next time.

At Casa Cuba

Later after the run, we all went to Casa Cuba. It is an old colonial house. Reminds me a lot of St. Mary's School. Nice and cosy place. There are paintings of Cuban artists, cigar room and some other things. Cool stuff.

SlowMovers plus guests

That's it from Melaka. I would also like to thank our guests Gaspar and Mina for coming along. Hope to see you guys running in the next event.

Next run... this Sunday....Adidas King of the Road. C ya....

By Suriati Sanusi

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