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Monday, April 23, 2007

Power Run 2007

Jaya (A074) N Chan (A075) - on the move -500m from the starting point (Dataran Merdeka)

The Slow Movers N friends

Izzat, Chan, Kakak Sumarni, Abang N his NST friend

Slow Movers wit Javier, Robert, ....... N NST friends

Izzat, the future wit the Kenyan runners and .......

Sun 22th April, Dataran Merdeka ..KL

It's yet a another 10km race organized by the Power Team and the Slow Movers were powered up too.
The Sanusi family, Agus, Jaya, Zahir, Javier N Myself were there to add some excitement to the run.
Our coach Jaya was there after a long break. Jaya's last run was in Sept 06. Welcome back coach!!!.....

The race was officiated by deputy minister Datuk Palanivel , sharp at 7.30am.... I only saw Jaya N Kelvin (NST) at the starting point . The rest of SM N friends.... ..tak nampak pun???...It was a hilly run...around the Bukit Tunku Area to Jalan Duta. I just ran in a steady pace all the way. Finished the race in 53:02 min at the position of 88 in the Men's Open. Medals were given to the first 150 finishers. ...As usual Makcik N Kakak were the Medalist too in the 7km women veterans. ( Sandaran dan Harapan SM )...Old is Power !!

Suriati had the knee pain again and at a point she couldn't even move. Almost to be fetched by the Ambulance but somehow slowly finished the race. ...Slow Movers maa ! N yet she registered for 22.3 km Penang Bridge Run ....apa nak jadi ni dan bilalah ah moi ni nak pi check up ...?
Makcik, Abang N Kakak should N ought doing something about it ......The SM don't wanna lose a runner..

Lepak around the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (nearby to the clock). Met Javier's Kenyan friends ( Robert N ......) , Abang's NST friends N Makcik's friend. Chaoaw at about 10.00 am. Agus followed me back as we had plans to donate blood in conjuction of Wesak Day. Bathed N had Breakfast. My cousin Danesh fetched us to the Chempaka Buddisht Temple nearby Kayu Ara as she too wanna be a donor.

We registered N went thru all the regular check up routine. My cousin couldn't donate as she has less iron in her body ( kena makan besi buruk kot..) and Agus just came back from Indonesia in Feb... (pendatang haram). A foreigner must have stayed in Malaysia for at least a year in order to donate blood. So both of them have to wait for the 450 ml of my blood to drain out from my body. Sent Agus to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Bye n catch you all at the next event... The Malay Mail BIG WALK...!

By Chanbai

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