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Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Walk 2007

Mr Javier (Cuba) doin some Salsa while Walkin

Keluarga Sanusi N friends
Haizan N Shake with some of the Slow Movers
Jaya,Chan,Robert,...,Javier,Suriati,Makcik N Kak Sumarni

Sun , April 29, Dataran Merdeka KL..

It was a wet Sunday, as it was rainning the whole Morning ....Syok tidur siot....tak ada mood nak pi...if only shake tak call ...I dah Zzzzzzzzzz. Got up at 5.45 am. mandi kerbau....n drive terus...masih drizling lagi....Parked the car at Taman Aman car park N walked to Dataran Merdeka. just on time...Met Javier N Robert. Checked in ....7.10 am..the Federal Teritory Minister flagged off the 10 km walkers...

A lot of friends were there to participate N to support. As usual... how would an event might take place without the presence of the Sanusi family...almost the entire Sanusi's clan were there .... ++ Javier,Robert, Shake's family, Fairul, Linda , Jamilah N Haizan ....all came to fill up the crowd...memang ramai minat fun walking... keh..atau cuci mata...!!.. It was memang crowded.

We walked N walked times I felt like wanna run...but tak berani... walked for 1:30:23 . Walking is not as fun as Running. I ain't enjoy walking....The finishing sucks...full of mud....Oh my new Rm quarter thousand chioce...have to step on the's everywhere... collected the cert , washed the shoe , looked for the Slow Movers n friends, couldn't find anyone.. collected the goodies which was worth more then the 10.00 entrance fee. Walked back to the car park..

On the way , met these two ladies, Mrs Mag n her sister. we were basically sharing our walking experiences ..they we walkin for the sixth time N it's the first for Chan. Mrs mag told me that she is in her early 50's. Oh my god, she looked like a lady in her late 30's. ( Tips to stay young ... Exercise,Diet, Lifestyle N Discipline). She also does jungle trekking at Bukit Gasing ....I was offered to join in..well.......
might try ....but dun know when....

Campak all the goodies in the car...N when back to look for friends. Met Mr Jacob, my friend's pa , Mr Jasmile Singh N finally the keluarga Sanusi. They were in a big group and it was nice to c the entire family.... The Malay-Mail family of the day award goes to ..... .... ..... Keluarga Sanusi...!
Javier , Robert N Fairul were there. Fairul was just like a chips u u dun.... Coach Jaya
came late for the event..what a lousy supporter or perhaps just wanna do some spot check ...!
ChiT - ChaT n Balik...

C u at the Larian Bersama Bomba.... BYE!!!

By Chanbai

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