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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Balance 15km Run 2009

DATE: 17 May 2009
EVENT: New Balance 15km Run 2009
VENUE: Tapak A, Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
RUNNERS: Along, Angah, Alang, Halil, Fairul, Izzat, Chan and Fuzahir

MY tummy suffered like mad and almost erupted like a volcano after this race. The cocktail of cendol (3 bowls), milk with cereal (1 bowl), chilled milo (3 cups) and yakult (5 cups) turned my tummy inside out and made me scramble to the toilet twice — once at the venue, the other while having breakfast at the restaurant in Gombak.

I think my 45 year old tummy had made it’s point — it can no longer process too many things at once after a race. So next time must remember not to drink/eat too many stuff on offer, no matter how tempting.

The men’s category were flagged off at 7am with the ladies 15 minutes later. I met and chatted with Chan and Kak Jenap from Singapore while warming up. The route is basically the same as last year, the only difference is that we had to circle the lake at Tapak A to reach the finish line.

Despite the 15 minute handicap, Kak Jenap overtook me with ease at the Double Hills, smiling sweetly as she did so. I shouted: “Go Kak Jenap!” and she waved back. She is one very fit lady!

I also chatted with Jaja the newly wed triathlete while circling the lake. She was making a comeback to the running scene after a year long layoff because of injury. Jaja, nice meeting you and hope to see you again in future races.

Reached the finish line with a time of 2hrs 15mins. Had cramps on both calves near the finish line, and suffered a painful recurrence while trying to take off my tights in the toilet.

Adoiii! It was so painful I had to do some stretching in the toilet room while controlling the urge to sit on the bowl immediately to empty my bowels! Luckily the two-pronged ‘cramp & shit’ attack was handled with care, though it had me shaking and sweating profusely during the commotion! Pheww...

Before leaving, we met Ahmad Farid who will be doing the ultra marathon (84km) at the Sundown Marathon in Singapore at the end of this month. Good luck to you Farid!

By Shahrizal Sanusi

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