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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Orange Run 2009

EVENT: Orange Run 2009
VENUE: The Curve, Damansara
DATE: 12th April 2009
RUNNERS: Along, Angah, Alang, Izzat, Fairul, Chan, Fuzahir and the Bernama Gang

'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. Thanks to our running colleagues, Chan, Julie and Joyce, the Sanusi family managed to take part in the 11km Orange Run at The Curve, Damansara, last Sunday.

Initially we thought we had no chance of running in this event due to the quickfire response from the public and we were just a bit too late in submitting our entry forms.

But after making inquiries through phone calls, Along and Angah received good news from Chan and Julie - they have extra bibs as some of their friends who had registered earlier couldn't make it for various reasons.

So after a period of uncertainty, eventually Along, Angah, Izzat, Fairul and me get to run wearing other runners' bibs, and for that we're thankful to our 'runners in arms'.

Reached the venue about 6.50am and made our way to the start/finish point. Took the bibs from Chan, Joyce and Julie and quickly pinned it on our shirts. Men runners were flagged off at 7.35am followed by the ladies 10 minutes later.

Except Chan, the rest finished the race in more than an hour. Met the regular runners and had the chit-chat and photo session before departing to the nearby Tesco hypermarket for a quickie session.

By Shahrizal Sanusi

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