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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FTAAA X-country 2009

DATE: 15th February 2009
TIME: 7.30am
VENUE: Tapak A, Lake Gardens
RUNNERS: Shahrizal, Fairul, Suraiyah, Sumarni, Izzat, Iliya, Chan & family and Javier

After quite a long break after the last running event (Great Eastern 30km), here we are again running for Slowmovers in the FTAAA X-country 2009.

As usual, we gathered before the race start. Met Chan with his family members. They're all running too.

Race started at 7.30am for the A category (8.5km), followed by other categories later.

The race route was the same as last year's route, except the jungle route. The jungle track was longer, narrower, darker, steep, slippery & muddy. More challenging. After the jungle route, there's a small mudpool waiting for us, enough to make our shoes covered with mud.

Reached the finishing line, no more medal left. There's no finisher's cert for the adult categories too. They said, they will send the cert later if you qualified within the given time.

Searched for Milo lorry, there's only one there. Got soooooo many school students queuing. Have to take a long queue for it.

There's a registration counter for the coming KL Towerthon. Registered myself & Halil there.

After some post-race chit-chatting, we left the scene & headed to Jln Pahang's McDonald for our routine post-run carbo loading. Hehehe...

See yaa on the next race, KL City Run 2009 at Dataran Merdeka.

By Fairul

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