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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

KRI 12 km run -Ipoh

dinner with off colleague...Mr Rasid
B4 the race....

in action... Mr Charles from Belgium...
daughter n mum...
4 the album...

at Tambun inn..

Sun 18th Nov, 2007 Sultan Abdul Aziz Polo Club, Ipoh...

After a long festive Break...(thanithon)...myself was back for another run with the SlowMovers.. the KRI 12 k run.Reached Ipoh at the noon of Sat with Su,Fairul,Sheikh the Uncle Sawan N Izaat the Blur Boy...Collected our Bibs at the Ipoh Int School. ..n Checked in at Tambun Inn. Had our lunch in Taman Kanak-kanak n did some Shoppin at Ipoh Parade. Met Mr Rasid Lamak (bernama colleague) who took us to the famous Mee Rebus nearby Tanjung Rambutan. TQ Mr.Rasid! Javier n Charles the Belgian(Newbie) met us late in the evening followed by Makcik,Kakak ,Abang n ilya... Welcome to Malaysia n Slowmovers.. Mr Charles...! The SlowMovers r ready to Rock Ipoh...Ilya who is only 9 would be doing 12 k too...WOW....cayalah..! Had teh tarik at 1.00 am in Greentown.

Nex Morning up at 5.15 usual...this n that.... n jogged to the venue which was about 1 km away. The race started sharp at 7.00 am. The weather was nice..the road wasn't that hilly .. n it was nice to run but just that I wore a new shoe...I was suppose to break it's virgin earlier..but too busy with thanithon.. so.. faham-faham aje...blister...N kaki bergeser-geser..

Javier came in at 27th in Categoy D in about 54.xx n myself at 33th in about 55.xx. Charles came in 22nd in category C in about 56.xx. Ilya too managed to finish the race despite the bleeding nose accompanied by the mum. Syabas Ilya! N too all the SlowMovers... !!

The Lady Luck was with the SlowMovers in Ipoh cos 40% of the runners walked away with some lucky draws. Javier won some glasses, Fairul won a hamper followed by the daughter n mum won a printer each. Congrats to all !!. The Slowmovers Rocked at the KRI Ipoh Run.
Checked out, had lunch at the Bus Terminal n Bye to Ipoh...!
By Chanthiran

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