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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Klava Deepavali Run 2.5km x 3

Date: 8 November 2007
Venue: TTDI Garden
Time: 8.15am (I think)
Runners: The Sanusi, Chan, Fuzahir, Fairul, Yusof and Suffian.

The SlowMovers



The Klava Deepavali Run aka The Hidung Kembang Run, was held on Deepavali day itself. It's a relay run, consist of 3 people in a group. Why is it called the Hidung Kembang Run, I'll let the pictures tell you....


Hidung kembang - Chan

Hidung kembang - Yusof

Hidung kembang - Fuzahir

No. 10 - SM 1


Hidung kembang - Me....hahahah

Passing the baton - hidung still kembang

Hidung kembang - Alang



Hidung kembang - Fairul

No. 18, SM 2


Hidung kembang - Angah

Aiyaa.. walk already aaa..

Hidung kembang - Iylia

Iylia lap peluh

Gigit bibir pun tak guna Izzat, hidung still kembang

No. 20, SM 3


Hidung kembang - Achik

Nice pic Mr Teh

Achik trying to cover her hidung

Eeaayyaaahhh.... (pic by Izzat, now you know y it's blur)

Hidung kembang, tapi sikit je - Pian

Pian on the move

Hidung kembang, tapi dapat cover ngan topi - Halil

N0. 21, SM 4


The 1km girl trying to show off to the newbie
Hai.. jemput Achik pun hidung kembang ke??

Along on the move

Hidung kembang - Along

Hidung kembang - Fida

No. 22, SM 5


Hidung kembang - Javier

Hidung kembang - Milton

Hidung kembang - Suleiman

Suleiman running tall

Special medal

It's a 2.5km run (but I think it's shorter than that). It started with a downhill run, lepas tu, towards the end, it was uphill all the way. Tu yang kembang-kembang hidung sorang-sorang. Even the pro runners pun were breathing hard.

Javier, Milton and Suleiman arrived when the race was practically over. But they ran despite everyone has done running. Good spirit you guys.

Of course, Chan's team (G) arrived first, followed by us (H), then Angah's family (I), and then Halil's (K). And the last one, and I mean, really, the last team to arrive, is Along's, with Nina and Kak Fida in the team (J).

The SlowMovers, kepenatan
The best runner for the day has to go to Iylia, bersungguh betul dia. Just look at her pics. For Pian, haaa.... rasakan la. Congrats both of you for getting your first medal, ever.

With Hamburglar

As usual, mesti lepak at McD after race. And then terus balik and pengsan...

The partcipants

About the organiser, nothing much to say la. Benda simple cam ni, you can't expect more. Well done everyone.

By Suriati Sanusi


fyrul said...

hahaha.. lawak laa klava run..
mula2, ingatkan ok laa track dia..
alahh.. 2.5km, petik jari jer..
relay summore... senang jer lah...

tapi ropa2nya dah jadi larian kembang hidung.. hahaha...
tengok muka masing2... adusss.. tragisssss...

btw, it's a good new experience to run this events.

Blur Boy said...

Ei Busu, I didn't take Sufian's pic lah.You can thank that 2 Along Nina.