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Monday, June 25, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

Fuzahir, Chan, Guna N Jaya - at Guna's hse in Sg Dua....

Jaya registering for the Fun Run

Jaya, Su N Chan at Queensbay- B4 collecting bibs N t-shirts

Jaya doing his hair for the Run- sponsored by Bee Bee Saloon

Su ...sleepin/malas....N Jaya while havin breakfast - Restoran Deen

Fuzahir N Chan - dicussing about the run

The Fantastic 4 aka Slow Movers - The Thing (fuzahir), Human Torch (chan), Invisible girl (su) N Mr.Fantastic (jaya) - B4 the Run..

The 13.5 km Penang Bridge- among the longest in the world

The Penang Bridge Rockers......2007

Sun, 24th June 2007, Penang....

The Slow Movers are back on track after almost a month breaK...(ain't any offical runs ma...)..running the Penang Bridge Marathon. The Slow Movers were represented by 4 runners aka known as the Fantastic 4.....Jaya the Mr.Fantastic, Fuzahir the Thing, Chan the Human Torch N Su the invisible girl...were on the mission to complete the 22.3 km bridge run. The others went for Jacob's Walk of Life event at Taman Titiwamgsa KL...

Reached Penang on Friday malam.... put up at Sg Dua in my friend's (Mr.Guna) house....had the popular Nasi Kandar for dinner...The Next day.. after a nice breakfast we headed to the Island....Thank You Mr.Guna for your hospitality...While passing the Bridge.. the 4 were a kind of excited ..ala..kan nak lari kat sini the next morning!..... Dropped by at the Queensbay mall to collect the t-shirt and bib....Lepak kat Mall tu..looking 4 adidas Chiba Pro stock.... checked in at the Waldorf hotel in Leitch road..a kind of happenin place but I was's 12.30 pm...

Lunch...nasi kandar Line Clear....boleh lah...sampai I pun dah line full kot...Su went to meet a friend of hers and we went to Bernama. Chit chat with our collegue. (Mr.Zul)..then went for a site visit to c the starting N parking spot....kemudian balik hotel.....nak rest konon...cos kena pi awal...for the run. Evening ...just lepak around, Mr.Fantastic went for a hair cut N wash at the Bee Bee Saloon Spend some time at the Night market..ala cam pasar malam ss2 aje...had our light n easy dinner....chicken soup with bread at Restoran Hameed....and called off the day....!!!

Room No 119... The 3 were just lyin N tryin their best to sleep....but couldn't...watched the Malaysian FA cup match between Perlis N Johor PG....chti-chat..N got up at 1.00 am....dressed up in running attire...hardly had any sleep....zzzzzXX....called room no 121...ain't know what's goin on there... took of at about 1.30 am ....had a light simple breakfast... parked the car some distance away from the starting point N walked to USM. U can c participants coming from all the corners , states N countries to add more flavours n fun to the run. About 20,500 runners from all the world took part which is a malaysian gunniess record .

The 42.195 km starts at 3.00 am followed by the 22.3 km at 4.30 am...the mission 4 the fantastic 4 N the furthers so far for the Slow movers. Myself ..the Human Torch burned the calories and rocked the bridge for 2:04:04 followed by the Thing at 2:25 and Su....the invisible lady did the invisible finishing..... Mr Fantastic who came with us as an observer cum coach took part in the 10 km Fun Run...just to have fun ....yeah....Jaya just wanna have fun....collected our medals N goodies... Su dengan lutut yang xxx...walkin like someone who has just delivered N the Thing had some massage at the medical tent . We left USM at about 9.30 am ... We really had a lot fun thru out the Journey. We even had Kuiz lebuhraya hosted by Su.....Bye Penang.. C u Next Year....!!!

The Next race would be the 10 km Siemen Run...

By Chanbai

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