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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nacscom Charity Jogathon 2006

30 July 2006, Bukit Aman...

It’s 6.30am, I'm standing at the parking lot and I can’t see anybody I know yet. Almost 7.00am now, I need to register. Aaaaa… There’s Chan and Jaya sitting at the roadside. Chan’s brother and cousins went to register. Did some warm-up (walking around the area). Almost 7.30am now. I made a conversation with a person from C category. Nice guy (charming actually), I think he’s mixed, mat saleh. He’s been running for 10 years. Can you believe that he’s actually on his 10km daily morning run, when he stumbled into this competition? He just registered.

Around 7.35 the organizer blast the gun. I’m taking it slow today, cause I’ve been sick for the past two weeks. Haven’t done any good exercise lately. That does not include some stuff I’m having in my mind right now.
I thought it's gonna be a smooth run until I came across this steep hill. OMG, I feel like crawling. But hey, I managed to reach the top.

I can say I ran quite well today. Brought my drink along while running, very good thing to do. I don’t feel dehydrated. Managed to finish at no 19. Time… 30 minutes or so for 5km. Took one picture and I’m not in it. Hmm….. I’m sure my mind is not here right now.

Chan told me that my friend (the C guy) won 4th place. I can’t believe it. But he left before I arrived. He told Chan he wanted to give me his medal (why can’t he wait for a few minutes, dumbass). Well, I hope to see him again ….. somewhere …. soon.

Well, here’s the timing and numbering for people who were in the competition.

Women 18 and above
Thanes - 28 minutes - 16
Suriati - 30 minutes - 19

Men 18 and above
Jaya - 19' 51.87" - 20
Edmond - 20' 11"- 21
Chan - 23 minutes
Nagur - NA
Muru - NA

Next, Larian MPAJ. 10 kms babe.... mampoi la....

By Suriati Sanusi

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