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Saturday, July 01, 2006

PJ Half Marathon 2006

Women above 18 - 10km
Nina - H0096
Along - H0097
Me - H0098

Men above 18 - 10km
Fairul - D0155
Sheikh - D0156
Chan - D0157
Zai - D0158
Rostely - D0159

Girls below 18 - 10km
Syikin - G0029
Yaya - G0030

Well, it's 5am on 18 June 2006. Today is my first day marathon (actually 10km only) after God knows how long. I am sitting here with Rostely in front of Kelana Jaya Stadium. We managed to park my car right in front of the stadium (good reason to be early).

Chan arrived soon after (one stupid friend sent him). Did some warm-ups. My sister and her daughters arrived later that morning. It's almost 6.30am, time to start up my engine. Looking for Fairul and Zai. Sheikh, jangan harap la. Nak goodies bag je.

Syikin and I lined up at the back of the crowd. Tak berani babe, nanti pushing and shoving pulak, belum start race dah jatuh terlentang. Chan, Ely, my sister and two nieces, all in front. Right before the flag-off, Fairul finally came. I guess Zai is not coming, sama kes ngan Sheikh la ni. Bang!!!! There goes the gun. Here we go.......

I don't have to tell you the details of my run. Just it was nice, pleasant and somehow I was out of breath. I guess because I was following the crowd (must remember next time, run at your own pace). I managed to do the run at 1 hour and 10 mins. Far better than my training (1 hour 30mins). And here are the unofficial results...

Rostely 55 mins
Chan 60 mins
Me 1.10mins
Fairul 1.20mins
Syikin 1.25mins
Along 1.30mins
Nina and Yaya 2 hours (tu pun boleh gi kat kereta, tukar kasut, bukak nombor... malu punya pasal)

I sent Chan home. Came back to Kelana Jaya to go swimming at the MPPJ swimming pool. Swam for an hour with my nieces and Ely. Have to cabut early because I have to be at work by 3pm.

All and all, everything went fine. All of us had a good time running especially Chan la. Semangat gile. Couldn't wait for our next run, which will be in July.

Next, Hope Run & Walk, 7km, 22 July 2006.....

By Suriati Sanusi

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